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First four boards soon at your local dealer!

We are getting lots of feedback from anxious riders from all over; -WHEN CAN WE CHECK OUT THE NEW DECKS? Good news everyone! The first four models – The Supercrusher, The Concave Pin, The Pinstripe and The Fibrefrog will arrive safely at your local dealer in the first week of April!

Facelift! just got a well deserved facelift, we hope you all will like it! Some new features and functions have been added, amongst other things it is now possible to comment on most pages and posts. Please feel free to do so! As a new season soon is upon us, lots of news and other […]

Featured Product: The Concave Pin 2008

The Concave Pin is a classic cruising longskate for everyone and is constructed from seven plies of Canadian hardmaple. Slightly softer than the Supercrusher, the Concave Pin is aimed towards riders who prefer a board that comes alive under their feet. Size: 45,5″ x 9.5″ (115,5 cm x 24 cm) Wheelbase: 34,5″ (87,5 cm) Shape: […]

Featured Product: The Supercrusher 2008

The Supercrusher is a great cruising longskate for the advanced rider as well as the beginner. The board is constructed from seven plies of Canadian hardmaple, and has a carefully selected size and flex to give you a “surfy” carving feeling, but still a superb stability at higher speeds. Size: 45,5″ x 9,5″ (115,5 cm […]

Featured Product: The Fibrefish II 2008

The Slipstream Fibrefish II is constructed by five plies of maple and two plies of fibreglass. This construction gives the Fibrefish a cambered riding surface providing a perfect flex that will give you a fluid motion and deep carves. If you want optimal board control, this is definitely the board for you! Size: 38″ x […]