Näckrosdammen Open 2008 summary

Great weather, cold beers and high-octane longskate action in the lush green Näckrosdammen area – could things be better?

Event organizers Slipstream and Madrid hosted a real party with DJ:s plus BBQ, and the crowds showed up accordingly! Riders and spectators from all over the country and Norway were a mass, and it was hard to find a good spot to watch the action when the races started.
The big crowd was not disappointed, the slams were plentiful and harder than ever – luckily without anyone needing more advanced medical attention this time.

It feels good to see that the level of riding improves over the years – the development in this fast growing skateboard discipline is astonishing!
A new record number of participants was also set – 46 riders in both classes with riders from ”down under” (currently residing in Oslo) as the most exotic examples.

The riders were divided in groups of 3-5 riders that had to complete three qualifying runs head to head. Those with the best results in these runs went through to the next stage.
Quarter and Semi finals were pure knockouts were positions 1 and 2 were essential to continue riding.

Without boring you with more details, the final top three in the Advanced category actually were the same as in 2006, but this year 2006 victor Jim Augustsson was put down by Downhill World cup merited Klaes Johansson and Christoffer Sanne. Klaes was actually undefeated in all his runs – truly a worthy champion!

The afterparty at Kon-Tiki was a perfect end of a perfect day.
Thanks to fellow organizers, sponsors, volunteers, riders and most importantly the great spectators.
See you again next year!


1.    Klaes Johansson
2.    Christoffer Sanne
3.    Jim Augustsson
4.    Kristian Lundmark

Eleminated in Semifinals: Johan Sunde, Johan Blom, Kris Cuestas, Viktor Mårtensson
Eliminated in quarter finals: Sebastian Lundmark, Dennis Westphal, Jonathan Lundmark, Tomas ”Berra” Berggren, Anders Helm, Abel Mennesy, Anton Roth, Andre Aronsson, Daniel Nilsson, Richard Ward
Eliminated in qualifiers: Jonas Andre, Andreas Dirscher, Fredrik Svensson, David Hansson, Andreas Råberg, Pierre Svanberg, Kristina Engstrand, Jed Harris, Jairo Carrasco, Ruben Higgins, Viktor Jönsson

Regular (”beginners”):

1.    Sebastian Forsman
2.    Petter Bulling
3.    Robin Johansson
4.    Sebastian Stenfelt

Eliminated in semifinals: Richard Benzler, Anna Engstrand, Andreas Löfqvist, Erik Jardemark, Sebastian Prince
Eliminated in qualifiers: Fredrik Wangsten, Carl-Mikael Sröm, Håkan Modin, Fredrik Jonsson, Melissa Pope, Max Linder, Peter Eklund, Andreas Nilsson

Photo credits to Christer Hedberg (more pictures at his site!)

Additional photos can be viewed here

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