The Pinstripe 2009

Shorter but stiffer than The Concave Pin, this model also features a cambered shape for a more responsive feel. Great for both carving and cruising, this board, made of seven plies of Canadian hardmaple, performs really well, no matter what you throw at it!

Size: 37″ x 8,5″ (94 cm x 21,5 cm)

Wheelbase: 29,5″ (75 cm)
Shape: Medium camber, Medium concave. Pintail.
Construction: 7 ply Canadian hardmaple.
Flex rating (1-5): 3

Flex rating 1-5: 1 = Really stiff! 5 = Really soft!

This board is available through our dealers as deck only or complete with components from leading manufacturers such as Randal, Holey, ABEC 11 and Retro.

Graphics made by Mattias Lundin

8 Responses

  1. Andreas


    Is there a maximum wheight to use this board?
    I am like 95 kilograms or 210lb, am I too heavy?



    Hello Andreas!

    95 kgs is not too much for this board.
    It will of course flex more for you than a lighter rider, but it will work nevertheless.

  3. Monster

    Is this board good for carving, and do you get speed wobbles on this board easy? I weigh about 50 kilos. Do you recommend this or the fiberfish soft or some other board for me?


    This is a decent carver, and more stable than the Fiberfishes. 50 kgs is not too light for this board.

  5. Robert


    I can push the deck to the bottom and im 75 kg. something wrong with my board then? i have 61mm wheels, think i need to get 70mm+ maybe?


      That sounds a bit soft to me. Naturally there are differences between different boards. Wear, tear and the test of time also takes it toll on the flex.
      Is this board brand new? How do you push it through?

  6. Christopher

    Hi, i think i am gonna buy this board, can i use it with my 10″ trucks?



      Cristopher: Yes, that will work. They are pretty wide, so it will be easier to get footbite, but as long as you are aware of that there are no problems. Ride hard!