The Twin 2009

New model!

This torsionally stiff carving design made of maple/fibreglass provides optimal energy return and good edge grip in a responsive and lively package. The dropthrough mounting works with most reverse kingpin geometry trucks and gives you more stable and comfortable pushing/foot braking plus a lowered centre of gravity.

Size: 41″ x 10″ (104,5 cm x 25,5 cm)
Wheelbase: 32,5″ (82,5 cm)
Shape: High Concave. Medium camber. Dropthrough.
Construction: 7-ply Canadian hardmaple+2 ply fibreglass
Flex rating: 3

Flex rating 1-5: 1 = Really stiff! 5 = Really soft!

This board is available through our dealers as deck only or complete with components from leading manufacturers such as Randal, Holey and ABEC 11.

Graphics made by Jonas Rathsman



41 Responses

  1. Rickard

    It would be great if you could upöoad some more pictures of it. From different angels and maybe someone riding it! :D

  2. admin

    More pictures will be added in March 2009!

  3. Audun

    When’d you think it will be avaliable from your dealers? I might be interested in buying the deck only; is that possible? Price estimate?^^

    Lastly – a list of your dealers would be a nice feature to this website.

    • admin

      Estimated date of availability is mid April.
      Deck only price is not available yet, but should be below SEK 900 including griptape.
      Thank you for the feedback, we hope to have a dealer list available on this website in April!

  4. andrew

    Well i think that this board is really innovated and that the style of it is very cool. I like the fact that you guys have the drop in trucks so that it can be good for down hill purposes since both ends of the boards curve in you really can get low to the ground on sharp turns. This board looks very similar to “loaded” boards which i really enjoy but i feel as this may be somthing new to try in the long run i will be checking out your products and probably will invest on buying this board.

  5. Rickard

    Is it hard to do manuals with dropped trucks?

    Will you make any vids of it?

  6. Slipstream Longboards

    Yes, it is a little bit harder than usual to do manuals with dropped trucks due to having less leverage, but it is by no means impossible!

    We are not planning on making any videos on this model (or any other) at the time, but we will take this suggestion into careful consideration! Thanks!

  7. By any chance “inspired” by Mr. William Yowell´s Kracked Skulls M1 board? The resemblance is actually quite striking.



    “Great minds think alike” ;-)

    To be totally honest, The Twin is exactly the same board as “The Lowrider”, which was developed in 2006 (that shape being slightly inspired by a board from Kebbek).

    The only differences between “The Twin” and “The Lowrider” besides the graphics are;
    – Dropthrough mounting.
    – No dropped platform.


  9. Suppose so!
    The board looks great, love the graphics but they are a bit self critic aren’t they? :D


    Thank you for the kind words!
    We love the graphics as well – everyone has their own interpretation of what they really mean!

  11. Rickard

    Is it possible to get it without griptape?
    (don’t want the one on the picture)


    Sorry Rickard!

    But it is really easy to remove it using nothing more than a sharp blade and some tugging.

  13. Rickard

    Tomorrow it will be mine! =D

  14. Oscar

    Hi! I’m looking for a downhill board. But I have a specific request; without cutting down on the high speed abilities I still want to be able to cruise (read: ride to school) with it. What board do you suggest? This one looks quite cool eventhough I like the Lowrider’s graphic better. The Supercrusher is interesting too but I’m not convinced it will meet my demands on downhill preformance.


  15. Oscar

    I also wanted to add: nice website! And I’m amazed that you guys take the time to answer all questions :) I have never had the pleasure of encountering such a friendly company before!


    Hi Oscar!

    There are no “true” downhill boards in our lineup but we make a lot of sweet rides for carving and cruising!

    That being said, downhill is a lot about skills and not so much about equipment as one might like to think.
    As an example, we have learned that a well known Swedish rider finished on a solid 4:th place at the Downhill competition “Gold Coast Outlaw” in Australia a couple of weeks ago riding his 2008 Lowrider.

    As far as recommendations go, both “The Twin” and “The Lowrider” are pretty solid choices if you like to go fast.

    Thank you for the kind words.
    Your friendly neighbourhood longboard company – thats us!

  17. Oscar

    Ah man! You shouldn’t have said that thing about your boards not beeing downhill boards! I mean I appreciate that you are honest but now I’m all confused!

    Currently I own a Sector 9 City Crusher which is great for cruising where I live and around school. Down steep hills, though, it’s lethal. So now I’m thinking it would be good to have another board that is the total opposite of my city crusher (i.e a stable downhill board), but as I said. I still want to BE ABLE to navigate through Gothenburgh city with it.

    So now I’m choosing between your Lowrider and the Sector 9 Hills, or “Bomb Hills” as they call it. I dont think I will ever be able to make up my mind… :P

  18. Rickard

    Oscar, denna brädan e riktigt grymm kan jag säga. Har den med Paris truckar och Retro BigZigs hjul och den går som fan. Asbra för carving och cruising men den tål höga farter riktigt bra också, det e nog som slipstream säger, det handlar mer om skicklighet än en bra bräda. Men jag rekomenderar verkligen att köpa The Twin, du kommer inte ångra det! :D

  19. Joel

    Rickard, var köpte du brädan? :D

  20. Rickard

    På hollywood i göteborg! :D fast dem hade bara fått in en enda bräda då (en vecka sedan) men dem skulle få in fler om ett tag sa dem. =]

  21. john svensson

    riktigt riktigt bra bräda. inköpt på skank i uppsala.
    har både lowrider och twin. twin är stabil!

  22. eke

    Jag har denna brädan. Har köpt den på Top12 i Malmö. Finns även på att köpa. Riktigt bra bräda, stabil som satan i alla farter. Använder Randall-truckar med Kryptonic classic wheels. Denna funkar perfekt för allt, även downhill. Kankse något mycket flex om man vill åka sjukligt fort men annars perfekt

  23. Im going to buy that board today, im so exting :D

  24. Andreas

    I asked the same question about another board earlier so I´ll ask the same here..

    Is there a maximum wheight to use this board?
    I am like 95 kilograms or 210lb, am I too heavy?

    I want an all purpose board that I can use everyday. I´m new to longboarding (really new) so i want a board I can cruise and carve with. Which board is best suited for me? “The Twin” or “The Pinstripe”

    I want a board that is not too flexy because I am heavy, 95kg at least.
    And I am worried about breaking the board because I am to fat…should I worry?? =D



      No worries!
      This board will hold up for you perfectly as a carver/cruiser.
      I would actually prefer to recommend this model to you since the Pinstripe is slightly softer.

  25. Borna

    Hey, Im thinking to buy one of the twin modell from! and im wondering, how is the longboard? im out for just cruising and making tricks, manuals, shuvit and stuff like that. Is it good? Please mail me back! Im getting a new fresh longboard soon. =)

  26. Borna

    Tar det på svenska, truckarna… Är det okej att stå på dem? tänkte, muttrarna klarar av det? De sticker ut så mycket – blev lite orolig om man nu skulle köpa, om de skulle vika sig =/

    Passar twin att trixa med? som mitt förgående inlägg där jag skrev vad jag var ute efter, crusing osv.


    Hi Borna!

    Regarding the bolts, it is a good suggestion to mount them the other way around with the nuts under the deck, but both ways work and it is no problem to stand on them – nothing will break!

    This is a really fun ride!
    Tricks like manuals are pretty difficult at first, but practice makes perfect and we have witnessed some pretty sick moves from skilled riders on this baby!

  28. john svensson

    säger det för andra gången! ett sjukt bra åk, men vad jag fått erfara nu och som även hänt min 2008års modell lowridern är att trycket på undersidan går sönder väldigt lätt även om man inte skrapar i de. så har fått måla i och klarlacka. annars no problemo. älskar att ha denna bräda för freestyle

  29. jonte

    what wheel is it on “the twin” ? and what trucks?


    Pictured you can see The Twin with Paris Trucks and Retro BigZig wheels.
    This board is available through our dealers equipped with a wide selection of wheels and trucks from leading manufacturers such as Randal, Paris, ABEC 11 and Retro.

  31. Marcus

    Skruvarna är ju felmonterade på bilden… Muttrarna ska sitta på undersidan, annars sticker skruvarna upp för mycket, svårt att stå på truckarna då…

    ETT TIPS! fixa brickor (såna små “mynt” med ett hål i som man trär skruven genom) så att inte skruven äter sig in i brädan eller tom spräcker den.

    Jag har köpt ett par 180 mm Paris truckar och Orangatang Durian Freeride 70 mm 83a hjul. Önksar nästan ett par 75 mm så att man kommer upp lite i hastighet… Brädam gick på sammanlagt 2700 kr.

    Annars är den riktigt skön bräda med mycket kontroll och frihet. Gick tillbaka till min lite mindre citycruiser-bräda och märkte direkt hur grym the twin är.

  32. Chris

    What is the max.weight on the twin-board?

    Cheers, and happy midsummer!


      Hi Chris!

      Riders weighing in at up to 110 kgs are currently having lots of fun on this board. We have not set an upper weight limit on this board yet, but if you weigh in at 120 kgs+ you might want to consider other options in my humble opinion.

      Happy midsummer to you as well!

  33. Gabriel

    Sick board! I love it. So stabel for the big hills and high speed stand up slides.


    Thank you for the kind words!
    (That is some fancy footwork you got going on on the video at skateaustralia!)

  35. Gustav

    Någon som vet om brädan håller bra ?? Min polare har hört att slipstream går av lätt, blev lite fundersam då jag start funderar på denna :)


      Thanks for the message Gustav!

      This was the first edition of The Twin and we had 0% of the boards snapping (as far as we know from warranty claims).
      Cosmetic stress fractures from the trucks appeared on occasions on bottom of deck when washers were not used. Same thing on top of deck when rubber shockpads were absent.