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Preliminary availability dates

We are currently getting lots of requests on when the new boards will be available from our dealers. There have been som slight delays in production, but the preliminary dates are: April 14 – The Supercrusher, The Concave Pin and The Pinstripe April 23 – The Fibrefish, The Twin, The Bamboo Pin and The Lowrider […]

L & F Näckrosdammen open 2007

Our venture into the world wide web of videos has rewarded us with yet another great find. The offical movie from our event “Näckrosdammen Open 2007” made by Chris over at Skullfilms. Barracuda!

Speaking about redesign…

…we just received an e-mail from Hampus and Micke in Mariestad. They have been making their own really nice graphics on their Slipstream boards (Hampus – Fibrefish Soft, Micke – Lowrider). Check them out below – good job guys!