NDO 09 Summary!

Despite the lack of good weather in Gothenburg this season, the riders and spectators were as usual rewarded with exceptionally good weather at Näckrosdammen Open 2009.

Hosts Slipstream Longboards and Madrid yet again presented a fully-blown party, and the response from the public was outstanding. Attendees and crowds gathered like nothing else – never before has Näckrosdammen been this crowded!

The blood-thirsty crowd were not to me made disappointed. Riders hit the asphalt both hard and often – luckily without resulting in any serious injuries.

The riders were divided into groups of 3-5 riding three qualifying heats head to head. The riders with the best results advanced, and the quarter and semi finals were pure knockouts where riders finishing top two continued riding.

GS veterans Mikael Hadestrand and Henrik Wadsten (2:nd and 1:st NDO 07) were back this year, and together with NDO veterans as Jim Augustsson (1:st 06, 3:rd 08) and Tomas “Berra” Berggren (4:th 07) they were admittedly aiming for the finals, but a lot of youngsters stepped up their game against these seasoned veterans and made them work hard for it!

After 90 minutes of longskate action only the awards ceremony remained, but hundreds of riders, officials and spectators lingered in the lush surroundings in one big liquid pick nick before embarking towards the after party at Kon-Tiki.

Thanks to everyone who helped out in making this day so fantastic – Sponsors, volunteers, riders and spectators -love you all and see you next year!



1. Mikael Hadestrand

2. Henrik Wadsten

3. Jim Augustsson

4. Sebastian Prince

5. Tomas ”Berra” Berggren
Eliminated in Semifinals: Anders Taube, Stefan Torstensson, Martin Edeff

Eliminated in  Quarterfinals: Tommy Andersson, Mika Harangi, Robert Johansson, Richard Benzler, Jens Gardelin

Eliminated in qualifyers: Carl-Mikael Ström, David Hansson, Sebastian Stenfeldt, Andreas Nilsson, Henrick Herranen, Anton Roth-Bagger, Abel Mennesy, Viking Hadestrand, Peter Naperotti.
Regular (”beginners”):

1. Robin Axelsson

2. Oskar Wernberg
3. Daniel Ridl
4. Albin Hedman

Eliminated in semifinals: Sebastian Wickström, Henrik Kangasmuukko, Henrik Gabinus, Simon Jarlen

Eliminated in qualifyers: Kim Nilsson, Marcus Cruz, Jacob Harangi, Peter Freme, Björn Bergvall, Henrik Ahl, Robin Hökdal

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