2010 Sneak Peek

The work with the Slipstream Quiver for 2010 is finished!

Here you can have a sneak peek on some of the decks – but we have a few more suprises up our sleeves…

Stay tuned!

10 Responses

  1. Ylajali

    Nedtur. 2009-brettene var 10 ganger fetere. Eneste som er akseptable er fibrefish soft og the twin. Design betyr alt.

    • slipstreamlongboards.com

      Thanks for the feedback!

      Fortunately, the beauty lies in the eye of the beholder, and with such a wide selection of different graphics one is certain to find at least a couple of designs one likes.
      Personally, we feel that the 2010 graphics are over-all stronger than any other season, but naturally it is impossible to put together a collection where 100% of the graphics will be liked by 100% of the spectators.
      It would be kind of a dull world where everyone liked (and disliked) exactly the same things…


  2. Damn. Looks awesome!

    And I totally agree with your last comment: These boards are over all stronger than the previous seasons.

    But I also partly agree with one thing Ylajall said: Design is everything. Therefore I think it will be a breeze to sell these boards in our shop!

  3. Audun

    You’ve got it all wrong. Functionality/performance is everything..

    • slipstreamlongboards.com

      Have to agree with Audun on that one – Functionality/performance is everything, but it does not hurt if the boards look good as well!

  4. kelly cameron

    very nice work these longboards look world class very impressive makes me want to ride downhill at high speed like it was the last day on earth and the downhill ride on that board at that moment would be forever in history the last hill bomb proper longboarding done by old men thank you it was inspirational

  5. bigDiff

    Yoo.. Den längs uppe till vänster verkar riktigt nice. vad heter den?

    • slipstreamlongboards.com

      That is “The Platypus” – a brand new design!
      Fun as hell and will hit the stores spring 2010.

  6. Biggdiff

    Ja den ser helt sick ut! gillar modellen! vad har den för mått? om den är för kort blire nog en twin till sommaren istället då

  7. Oh yes it looks really good.. Personally I really dig the new pinstripe – can’t wait to get myself one of those, it’s a piece of art