Availability 2010

The snow lies thick around Slipstream Longboards HQ, but we are getting a lot of feedback and requests about the 2010 lineup and we are totally stoked about that!

If everything works out as it should, deliveries to our retailers and distributors start April 7, so everyone just need to take a chillpill ;-)

Oh, and we promise to have the Dealer section updated until then.

Just go back to drooling over that youtube clip or even better, hit that parking garage one more time. Spring arrives every year and we are pretty confident that it will do that this year as well!


One Response

  1. We’ve got word from Slipstream that they’ve shipped the boards! Expecting them one of the first days next week (12. or 13. April).

    These excellent boards will be available at Jovial.no the moment we have the boards in hand :D