The Fibrefish Hard 2010

The Slipstream Fibrefish Hard is the stiffer alternative to the Fibrefish Soft model.
Preferred by riders that might be heavier, have a more aggressive riding style, or just simply like the harder flex this board provides.

Size:38″ x 8,5″ (96,5 cm x 21,5 cm)
Wheelbase:27,5″ (70 cm)
Shape: High camber, Medium concave, kicktail
Construction: 6-ply Canadian hardmaple+2 ply fibreglass

Flex: 2

Flex rating 1-5: 1 = Really stiff! 5 = Really soft!

This board is available through our dealers as deck only or complete with components from leading manufacturers such as Randal, Holey and ABEC 11.

Graphics by Remi Juliebø

12 Responses

  1. mats fredrik

    hei jeg er fra horten i norge og jeg er veldig fornøyd med møten fibrefishen kjører rundt i byen på har aldri hat et kulere eller mere responsift brett

  2. mats fredrik

    hey !! i drive my fibrefish with 65 mm weals end its werry god sise of weal i rekomend 65 mm

  3. mats fredrik

    i love the shit out of the board you need to make a privat youtube page becouse these bourds are so good i my sealfe ride a fibrefish hard and my first freand rides the twin and my second freand rides a supercrusher i love your bords :D

  4. Love

    I been looking on this board for some time but been wondering if it would be a good beginer board for a big rider i weigh around 100 kg


      Hey Love!

      In our opinion, this is a solid board for bigger riders that are starting out or just looking for a smaller board that provides some flex.
      But as always – try it before you buy it if possible!

  5. kalle

    Hi I wonder witch flex and size on the long board I´m suppose to have? I´m 177cm tall and weight 67 kg :)



      You could probably go for both depending on what flex you prefer. The Hard will be pretty firm, and the soft will be pretty flexy for you.
      Try both and choose the one you like most!

  6. Magnus


    Have been offered to buy this board from a friend since Im looking for a first board to ride, mostly as transportation. I’m 190 cm/83 kg. Unfortunately the board has a standard setup, will there be a big difference in riding as a newbie if i upgrade the trucks and wheels?


      Hi Magnus!

      That really depends on to what parts you choose to upgrade, but most brand name trucks use a softer bushing “out of the box”. This will probably be the biggest noticeable difference, but all trucks and wheels have a different feeling when compared!

  7. Petter

    Hey guys!
    I’m probably going to buy one of these but I need to know if it’s a good board for transportation, like to and from the beach and school and stuff? I weigh around 80 kgs.



      Hey Petter!

      This is a fun board to cruise around with, but for pure transportation I would look closer at lower, wider boards, like the Lowrider, Twin or the new Wedgie board that should hit the shops any day now.
      Good Luck!