The Fibrefish Soft 2010

The Slipstream Fibrefish Soft is constructed by five plies of maple and two plies of fibreglass. This construction gives the Fibrefish a cambered riding surface providing a perfect flex that will give you a fluid motion and deep carves. If you want optimal board control, this is definitely the board for you!

Size: 38″ x 8,5″ (96,5 cm x 21,5 cm)
Wheelbase: 27,5″ (70 cm)
Shape: High camber, Medium concave, kicktail
Construction: 5-ply Canadian hardmaple+2 ply fibreglass
Flex rating (1-5): 3

Flex rating 1-5: 1 = Really stiff! 5 = Really soft!

This board is available through our dealers as deck only or complete with components from leading manufacturers such as Randal, Paris, Holey, ABEC 11 and Retro.

Graphics by Remi Juliebø

16 Responses

  1. johan

    would this board work with 180 randal trucks? and what size of wheels and will i need spasers? cuz i can only afford 75cm wheels and i have 70cm. bye


      Johan, This board works with 180 trucks, just watch out for footbite! Regarding wheelsize, 70 mm is a good size in our opinion. Thin risers will be a good idea as well. Regarding spacers, we always recommend those, but they are not essential.
      Good Luck!

  2. Mirela

    Im a beginner, I’ve basically never stood on a board before. I’ll mainly be using it as only a mean of transportation. So I was wondering, is this a nice board for beginners? Im not planning on going in very high speeds or downhill,but i i`d like to have the opportunity. Would you recommend this, or are there better options for me?


      Thanks for the message Mirela!
      This is a nice board to begin with. It handles nicely and has a soft flex, so it is geared towards lighter riders (below 75 kgs).
      For more of a “speed board” you should look towards wider and lower models such as “The Lowrider” and “The Twin”.

      Good Luck!

  3. Simon

    Hej! Jag funderar på den här brädan åt min lillasyster. Hon väger runt 50 kg, och kommer att använda den för att ta sig från A till B alltså inte så mycket backar osv. Vi vet inte om hon ska ha en bräda med mycket flex eller inte.. Vilken av brädorna the fiberfish soft och fiberfish hard skulle ni rekommendera?

    Tacksam för svar!


      Thanks for the message Simon!
      In our opinion your sister should go for the “Soft” version. It will flex, but not too much, so she would probably prefer this one over the “Hard” version.

      Good Luck!

  4. Alex

    Hey! Vil det her brædt fungere med 150mm Randal trucks?


      Hey Alex!

      Randal 150:s are a solid choice on this board.

      Good Luck!

  5. Jonte

    Yo slipstream!

    I’m also a beginner, haven’t been skating much through my days, and i will mostly use my longboard for transportation. I’m 183cm tall and my weight is about 87kg, so i was wondering, could you give me a tip for a board for me?


      Yo Jonte!

      At 87 kgs, this board might be a little bit soft for you in our opinion. Check out the “Hard” version for a firmer flex.
      For transportation (“commuting”), we usually recommend “The Twin” or “The Lowrider” before this board.

      Good Luck!

  6. kalle

    Hi I wonder witch flex and size on the long board I´m suppose to have? I´m 177cm tall and weight 67 kg :-)



      You could probably go for both depending on what flex you prefer. The Hard will be pretty firm, and the soft will be pretty flexy for you.
      Try both and choose the one you like most!

  7. Hello

    Er brettet veldig mykt og bøyelig ?
    Is the board very soft and pliable?



      This board is really soft and pliable and best suited for lighter riders.
      Hope this helps!

  8. ahh thank you for answering !
    but is it chill to push it. when you are pushing to get more speed. is it fast or slow ? or someplase in the middle ?


      Hello again!

      It is chill to push this board. At least if you weigh in under 70 kgs in our opinion. Fast or slow depends a lot on the wheels you choose.
      Good Luck!