The Platypus 2010

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New model!

The Platypus is a responsive and really versatile board designed for the multi-dicipline rider.

It´s low drop-through design makes the board light and easy to commute and push with, the functional tail shape makes tricks easier and the board carves tight!

Size: 38”x8” (96,5 cm x 20,5 cm)

Wheelbase: 29” (73,5 cm)

Shape: High concave, Medium Camber, Dropthrough, Kicktail.

Construction: 7 ply Canadian hardmaple + 2 ply fibreglass

Flex: 3

Flex rating 1-5: 1 = Really stiff! 5 = Really soft!

Graphics by Arnt Ove Foss

97 Responses

  1. Oscar

    I have Randall 180 trucks and i am wondering if it will fit on this board and be good.
    Sorry for bad english :)

  2. Nick

    IS there a kick on the ends of this board? I am currently looking for a “trick board” and thought this one might suit my needs.

  3. Mathias

    I am currently looking for a nice longboard to ride with, never done it before and found this that I have read that is a good board, just want a good board to go out with and have some fun, is it anything you recomend? :)

  4. Oscar

    I’m just wondering why you decided to have a kick in the tail ( you can ofc switch and use it as a kick in the nose) when you do most of the tricks with longboard on the nose? Why is there only one tail and not two?


    Thanks for the messages!

    – Mathias: In our opinion, this is our most “Fun” shape. Good for tricks and a tight carver. Highly recommended if you like to go out and shred some!

    – Oscar: A kick tail/nose is good for some tricks, a “flat” tail/nose is better for other tricks. As you are suggesting, this board can be ridden just as easily backwards as forwards since it is a true twin (if you disregard the tail/nose shape).

    Hope these answers are enough, ask away otherwise!

  6. Mathias

    Okey :) thanks for your awnser. it helped alot with my decision of board :)

  7. Marco

    Hey! I have a set of Randall 2 150 trucks. How do they work with this board? Will there be anny problems while carving/sliding etc?

    Thank you! :)


      Hey Marco!
      The Randal 150:s are a solid choice for this board. Carving and sliding work well, and you will not have to worry about footbite!

  8. Hampus

    Hello, i just wonder a bit about the trucks of this board, how would you comapre it with a randall 180 or a holey 180 mm truck. Thnak a lot in advance,

    Yours sincerely

    Hampus Persson


      Hello Hampus!
      The trucks that you mention ride really similar. The biggest noticeable difference (in our opinion) when ridden is the bushings, and if you do not like the stock bushings they have, you could always replace them with bushings you like better.

      Hope this answer helps!

  9. david

    i have just bought a platypus. it’s nice but it didn’t turn so good as I hope. should it not turn very good?


      Hello David!
      Which trucks do you use? Most of the turning capabilities lie in the trucks, or to be accurate, in the bushings of the trucks. A change of bushings can make a huge difference! If the bushings are hard, like in many setups recommended for beginners, the board does not turn as easily as when softer bushings are used.
      The riders weight is also a factor to consider.
      Get back to us if you need any further assistance!

  10. John I

    Hello, I’ve planned to buy a platupus. But What’s the maximal Weight and how soft is it?

    (Sorry for bad english)


      Hello John!
      We try not to put a maximum weight on our boards (but perhaps we should as we get a lot of questions about this!).
      If you are heavy, the board will flex more – if you are light the board will flex less!
      Go visit your local dealer and see if you like the way this board flexes, but it has a “medium” flex when compared to other boards in our lineup.

      Good luck!

  11. John I

    Thanks alot for the help :)

  12. Deniz

    I have one question about this board. How much will it bend when i jump and land on the middle? Will it breake or just flex back? I am going to do tricks and sliding so my question is if this board is a board for me?


      Hi Deniz!

      That depends on how much you weigh and how high you jump, which both is important to know if we are supposed to calculate how much this board will bend.
      Our best bet would be that you visit your local dealer and find out for yourself! The board does not break when jumped on, it just flexes back.
      In our opinion this is a good trick board and you can slide with it, but the performance when sliding depends a lot of the kind of wheels chosen.

      Good Luck!

  13. Frederik

    Hi, there!
    I really like the shape, and I just wanna ask ya how much it weighs? And will 75mm O’tang In Heats get the wheelbite or not?

  14. Frederik

    Ps. I will use 180trucks


      This board weighs 1.43 kgs and the wheels you mention together with 180 trucks will not result in wheelbite.
      Good Luck!

  15. mathias

    hej slipstream

    jag är nybörjare ok vill ha en bräda som är bra att carva och cruisa med

    villken tycker ni att jag ska välja the twin eller den här


      Hello again Mathias!
      Beginners who are into carving and cruising are probably a little better off with “The Twin” than “The Platypus”.
      Good Luck!

  16. mathias

    thanks slipstream im buying a board tomorow

  17. David

    Hi im looking to buy either the The Platypus or the twin. what du you think if I need a allround board so I can go fast, cruise and carve??


      Hi David!
      For going fast, cruising and carving we would recommend “The Twin” over “The Platypus”.
      We just found a video with “The Platypus” ridden on Youtube – watch it here!

  18. Erik

    what kind of trucks and wheels will i get if i buy a complete platypus?


      Erik – That depends on where you buy the board! Different retailers provide different truck brands, and often let you choose for yourself, so please consult with your local dealer!

  19. beginner

    hello! i am going to buy my first longboard and i got some questions if i want a good Trick, cruisin and carving board what board should i get the twin or the platypus and what truck and wheels should i buy??


      Hello Beginner!
      For tricks you should choose the Platypus. For higher speeds and less tricks you should choose The Twin.
      Regarding trucks you should choose a “Reversed kingpin” truck (180:s on The Twin) with bushings that you like.
      Regarding wheels you should choose smaller, harder and narrower wheels for easier tricks. Wider, softer and bigger wheels are more comfortable and grippier – better for carving and cruising.

      Good Luck!

  20. beginner

    ok i think i will go for the twin then! thanks!

  21. beginner

    hello again if i choose the twin should i have 70mm or 75 mm wheels????

  22. Addi

    i would like to know what this board has that is better than “The twin”.


      Hello Addi!
      This board is narrower, shorter and has a shorter wheelbase compared to the Twin.
      It also features a bigger nose and tail and a kicktail.
      These differences give you a board that is lighter, quicker and easier to do tricks with.

      Hope this helps!

  23. Alex

    Hey. Hvor store trucks skal jeg sætte på dette brædt?


      Hey Alex!

      We can recommend both “150:s” and “180:s” on this board depending on your preferences.

      Good Luck!

  24. Alex

    Thanks for the advice.

  25. Emil


    I’m a bit of a beginner and I have a 46″ board with pintail but its hard to learn sliding and do more tricks
    like shuvits. What board should I get then?

  26. Johannes

    I own a platypus and currently bought the randal rII trucks 150 mm. My question is, do you recommend using risers (obviously giving the opposite effect of “rising” the board) or would this make the board “to low”? What are the pros and cons of using risers with this setup?

  27. Lundis

    HI, i just bought this board, and the rest of the set. But i cant figgure out how the trucks shall fit?
    can u please explain or link a movieclip or something?
    your sincerely


      Johannes! – We recommend using rubber shockpads between the truck and the top of the deck to decrease the appearance of cosmetic stress fractures on the deck. In our opinion there is no such thing as “too low” (as long as you don’t get railbite).

      Lundis! – Your local dealer should be able to assist you in the assembly of your board. All dealers are required to offer this service to their customers.
      If you are uncertain or a beginner – Do not purchase a board that is not assembled!
      That being said, this board can naturally be ridden “top mounted”, but to use the drop-through mounting option, simply disassemble your truck and mount the baseplate on top of the board, and put the hanger & kingpin back in the baseplate from the opposite direction (the bottom of the board). Please take a look at the pictures above for further reference.

      Good Luck to both of you!

  28. Jimmy

    Just bougth the board and are using the holey 180 trucks… Tried to use my old wheels “big zigs” but didnt fit.. Wheelbite so 75mm wheels with that setup didnt work.. Are there any 75 wheels that will fit with my trucks?? Went with 70 pink seven O´s now, all my local shop had in store, to soft and I would like to go with the 75…


      Hi Jimmy!

      The hanger width on the Holeys is actually 174 mm, and we agree that using BigZigs and Holeys on The Platypus might cause wheelbite.
      All 70 mm wheels are fine with Holeys on this board, but bigger might be a problem…
      Sorry for not being able to help you out here, but if you really want to use this combo, your best bet would be shaving off about 3 mm on each side of the board.
      Good Luck!

  29. Albin

    Will Randal 180mm and Retro Freerides 72mm get wheelbites on this board?

  30. Emil

    Hello! What board do you recommend if i want to cruise and just surf around the town… Any special one? :D


      Hello Emil!

      All our shorter boards (Platypus, Pinstripe and Fibrefish) are great boards to cruise/surf around the town. If you do not want to have a kicktail the Pinstripe should do the trick, but this is really a matter of preference.
      Try it before you buy it if possible!

  31. Emil

    I’ve just bought this one and I wonder why you didn’t put two round lips on your wheels that you can find in the standard setup:
    70mm “Speedballs”? But otherwise I LOVE it!
    /Thanks in advance Emil

  32. david

    Which trucks works good with the cheap setup? Cause with the standard I get wheelbite and I gonna buy new trucks they moste be wide and high so I don’t get wheelbite. Which trucks are you think I gonna buy?:)


      Hi David!
      Please notify the dealer you have purchased the board from that you must have gotten the wrong size trucks. All “180” trucks work like a charm on this board together with the 70 mm wheels, so some kind of mix-up has happened here.

      Good Luck!

  33. famousiris

    Hello Im thinkin of buyin this board, Im a total newbeginner and am reading and trying to figure out if this might be something for me. I was thinking of buying from here. The board is complete whit Hjul: Retro BigZigz 75mm Truckar: Holey 180mm.. I was reading here and saw that I might get wheelbite from that combination, thats strange that they sell it like that then? Anyway Im kinda small so thats why this particular board caught my eye and also since the drop through boards seem more stable and easier to manuver, I hope Im right.


      Hello famousiris!

      You are correct that we believe that wheelbite is most likely to occur with that setup. Perhaps the shop knows better, but you should try it before you buy it with those components.
      To be on the safe side: Go for the setup with Paris 180:s and 70 mm ZigZags.

      Good Luck!

  34. Gustav

    I have a platypus with 180 holey trucks but the store changed the 75 mm bigzigz for the 70 mm zigzagz. and that works great!

  35. Papa J

    I turned 40 this year.
    The wife got me this board and was a true timewarp. Wow, after twentyfive years of inhibation my feets was once again free. It might not be the ultimte board, but Im sure damn is the ultimate _re-entry board_. And with some griptape on the nose and tail it sure rocks. For me, a board without a kicktail is not a proper board.
    Thx to the guys at Hollywood I am back in the game.

  36. anton

    tja ska köpa min första bräda till nästa sommar vilken rekomenderar ni jag vill ha en allround bräda som går att göra allt med? kommer denna bräda att passa eller passar the twin bättre?

    Ps har kört förut


      Tja Anton!

      This board is good all round with a slight lean towards tricks. Pretty narrow for speed in our opinion.
      The Twin is bigger and heavier and thus not as suitable for certain tricks, but better for speed.

      As Always: Try it before you buy it if possible!

  37. Axel Möller

    Hi, just wonder if the Randal 180 trucks are good for sliding?
    Greatful for answer!


      Hi Axel!

      The Randal 180:s are a solid choice for this board. Good slidingtruck as well.


  38. Axel Möller

    Is this board good if you are gonna do mannuals and nose mannuals? And is it good for sliding?


      Hello again Axel!

      This board is well suited for technical slides as well as manuals (the kick nose/tail makes them a lot easier).

      Good Luck!

  39. Gustav

    Tjena, jag har eran bräda the fibre fish soft 2010 och den är grym, men jag funderar på att köpa en lite “trickigare” bräda, vilken rekomenderar ni?



      In our lineup, many riders prefer “The Platypus” for a more technical “trick friendly” ride.
      Hope this helps!

  40. philemon

    Hej , jag funderar på att köpa en Platypus2010 .
    Är jag för kort för denna bräda om jag är 1,32m lång?
    (jag är 12år)

  41. philemon
  42. joel

    Hi i wonder if randal 150 mm with 70 mm wheels will work on this board?


      Hi Joel!

      In our opinion you should go for a wider “180” truck on The Platypus to avoid wheelbite on all common wheel shapes and sizes.

      Good Luck!

  43. joel

    how would it be if i top mount it with randal 150 and 70 mm wheels?


      That should give you less chance of wheelbite, but riding this board “Dropmounted” is more fun in our opinion!

  44. David

    Jag funderar på att köpa en Slipstream Platypus 2011 version, är det 2 kicktails på brädan eller bara 1?
    Är det en bra bräda för att göra tricks som shuvits och manuals?
    Jag har en Slipstream the twin och det har lossnat trä bitar (nosen) av den ganska nyligen efter jag köpte den för runt ett år sedan.. Är det något man kan förvänta sig av platypus brädan också, ärligt svar tack.


      Hej David!
      The 2011 Platypus has kicktails in both ends, with slightly different angles to make the board even more versatile.
      Regarding boards splintering/cracking in nose/tail – this is normally caused by the board hitting a hard object (wall, curb, pavement, etc.), and could happen to pretty much any board if you are unfortunate. The good news though is that these damages usually are purely cosmetical and will not affect the performance of your ride.

      Good Luck!

  45. Ted


    I wonder if this board is fine to use like a transportaion board, just cruising around with in the town and so on?

    I´m not searching for a board to do tricks and stuff with, just to cruise around with in the summer, is this a good choise then?



      Hi Ted!
      This board works well for transportation/cruising, but is perhaps geared more towards riders that are into tricks as well.
      Should do fine for you, but as always try it before you buy it if you feel uncertain.

      Good Luck!

  46. Ted

    I have been watching some youtube videos when the platypus is used for cruising and it seems to work very smooth and fine.

    But my question is if it will be shaky in higher speeds, because the 38” leght ?

    And what is the hardness on the wheels (orginal)? it only says 70mm.



      Ted, the length will probably not be a problem as the wheelbase is relatively long, but this board is perhaps not as wide as you would like in higher speeds.
      Different dealers provide different setups, so you should probably check with your dealer regarding the durometer.

      Good Luck!

  47. Eric

    Hello, i have look at this longboard and is very intrested to buy it. i just want to know witch is the best Wheels/Trucks for this longboard if you go alround boarding? Wider wheels or thiner wheels?


      Hello Eric!
      We recommend wide, reversed kingpin trucks (Paris 180:s, Randal 180:s, Holey, to name a few).
      Wheels are really a matter of preference, but we recommend wider (above 50 mm) wheels around 70mm, durometer around 78-81 for good all-round performance.

      Good Luck!

  48. philemon

    Ska framtrucken vara längre en den där bak?

    stort frågetecken.



      We recommend using the same width trucks (wide) on both front and back.
      Hope this helps!

  49. philemon

    Ok, men när jag köpte den kompletta brädan (hos Hollywood)så var truckarna i olika storlekar.
    Det verkade lite konstigt så jag tänkte fråga här.


      Philemon, please contact your dealer, that must have been an error from their side.
      Good Luck!

  50. philemon

    Ok. Tack så mycket!!!=)

  51. Heyho!
    Jag har lagt märke till att man kan välja ett par Podium truckar till denna bräda, Och har dessutom hört att podium är en billigare motsvarighet mot Randal:s truckar?
    Så, nu undrar jag , är det verkligen skittruckar ?


      Heyho Dina!
      The Podium trucks are OK, lots of truck for the money in our opinion. The most important thing is probably that you like the bushings they are equipped with, and that is a very individual thing. Try it before you buy it if possible!

  52. Eric

    Hey, im pretty close to buy this longboard but i have one question about it, i found it on to pages- and here-
    My question: Is this the same longboard? the whey i found it on the picture is that the one at “Maxeffekt” dont have a “Front Tail” like the one at Hollywood, and if i should by this board, im only interested in the one at maxeffekt couse i found it more nicer, would be thankfull for a answer :)

    • ola

      Hi Eric!

      The Platypus without a “front tail” is last years Platypus. This year we added the “front tail”. So hurry up and buy it at MaxEffect if you want the one without “front tail”!

      //Ola – Slipstream Longboards

  53. Fabian

    is this board good for some slides. i like to cruise and pull a couple slides once i a while. is it good for sliding?


      Hey Fabian!
      You should probably go for the 2011 version instead of this one.
      The wider body and double kicks makes more technical slides even easier!

  54. Simon

    Hey Slipstream! I just bought a Platypus. I’m after a board I can slide, carve and just cruise with, did I buy the right board? When I saw the comments above I got kind of confused. Alot of people things it perfect for sliding/cruising, but I have no idea. I’m new to Longboarding and wanted to give it a go! :) Please respond quickly, i’m getting it on Saturday

    • Slipstream

      Hey Simon, no worries!
      Great board for sliding, carving and cruising as well.
      Good Luck!

      • Simon

        Awesome! I’m very excited, do you know about any good “Learn to Ride” Starter guides? I’ve skateboarded before, but this looks much harder, and funnier! Thanks for the lightning quick response by the way, that’s why I love you guys! :)

      • Slipstream

        Hi Simon, Youtube is your friend!
        Best regards

  55. Simon

    Haha, okay. I’ll see if I can find anything :)