The Supercrusher 2010

The Supercrusher is a great cruising longskate for the advanced rider as well as the beginner. The board is constructed from seven plies of Canadian hardmaple, and has a carefully selected size and flex to give you a “surfy” carving feeling, but still a superb stability at higher speeds.

Size: 45,5″ x 9,5″ (115,5 cm x 24 cm)

Wheelbase: 34″ (86 cm)

Shape: Medium camber, Medium concave. Kicktail.

Construction: 7 ply Canadian hardmaple.

Flex rating (1-5): 2

Flex rating 1-5: 1 = Really stiff! 5 = Really soft!

This board is available through our dealers as deck only or complete with components from leading manufacturers such as Randal, Holey, Paris, ABEC 11 and Retro.

Graphics by Arnt Ove Foss

10 Responses

  1. Steve

    Hi SlipStream.

    Would you say this is a good longboard for pumping, and building maxspeed on flat ground and all in all just a good all around “fast” board. I have quite a few of hills out here, but there’s also a lot of time spent on flat roads, just trying to pump as fast as I can. The shape itself seems to be great, since it’s so slim, for fast speeds – is this true?

    Thanks in advance.


      Hi Steve!
      We would say that for pumping, you have better options than this board. The wheelbase is pretty long and if you were to choose a board with a shorter wheelbase, pumping would be more effortless in our opinion.
      Both “The Lowrider” and “The Twin” are better options for speed and pumping.

      Hope this helps, ask away otherwise!

  2. Johan


    Im a beginner, I’ve basically never stood on a board before, but I figured that I wanna learn with a decent board from the beginning. I’ll mainly be using it as only a mean of transportation. So I was wondering, is this a nice board for beginners? Im not planning on going in very high speeds or downhill, the most important thing is that it’s stable. Would you recommend this, or are there better options for me?

    Thanks in advance.


      Hey Johan!
      This is a nice board to start out with if you are looking for stability. The long wheelbase and pretty wide profile helps a lot.
      Good Luck!

  3. Hello!

    I bought one of these today (no i cant afford food ;)) and i really love it, ive never skated much before but the past weeks my friends got me stocked on longboards! i intend to use it as transportation mainly, since its so long i’m guessing that tricking with it would be quite the challange :P

    i’ve got one question thou, im thinking of re-painting it, is this advisable?


      Hello Nicke and thanks for the message!

      Regarding re-painting – GO FOR IT! Just use common sense and use a clear coat to seal the graphics if you wish to keep it ;-)
      We would love to see a picture when you are done!


  4. Carl


    I ride the supercrusher and I really think it’s a great board! Now I want to learn to slide and im wondering, is this a board suitable for sliding? I have the standard wheels and trucks on it, what kind of wheels and trucks should I put on this board to make it a good slider?

    Thanks in advance,



      Hey Carl!

      Every board, wheel and truck is “suitable” for sliding, and we have witnessed some pretty sick sliding on this model!
      Some basic guidelines though;
      Shorter wheelbase – Less effort to slide
      Smaller wheels – Less effort to slide
      Harder wheels – Less effort to slide
      Everything eventually comes down to what type of slides you are interested in doing and there are no “rules”.
      Every rider has his/her own preferences, so go ahead and try some different setups to find out what you like the most!

  5. Charlotte

    I’d like to get a longboard for my boyfriend. He has never skated before, but he snowboards and surfs as well. Would you say this longboard could give him kind of the same feelings as when he surfs? Or would you recommend another one?


      Hey Charlotte!
      This is actually not a bad option to reproduce that “Surfy” feeling. Check out “The Wedgie” as well, really popular with snowboarders and surfers!