NDO 2010 Report

Näckrosdammen Open celebrated ten years and we once again had the weather gods on our side. The light rain stopped just after lunch and the streets could dry up as the afternoon sun struggled through the clouds.

A total of 66 participants felt compelled to fight 3-6 rider duels on the technical track where the asphalt already during the warm-up runs became mixed with meat, blood and urethane.
A broken nose and subsequent hospital visit, long before the first start, caused many to wonder whether the 2010 edition of Näckrosdammen Open would not only become the most popular, but also the bloodiest.

For most of the audience’s disappointment, it however became clear that the riders’ development in the fastest growing segment within skateboarding, is taking huge strides from year to year.
It did not matter what the organizers came up with in order to increase the frequency of the crashes. Such well planned and controlled runs from a vast majority of participants have never before been seen on Näckrosdammen Open. IMPRESSIVE!

Equally impressive was that all ten finalists participated in their first Näckrosdammen Open. The race is otherwise often known as an annual showdown between various local talents who basically has subscribed to the top four, but not this year!
Last year’s winner Michael Hadestrand was eliminated in the semi-finals, Permanent finalist Jim Augustsson disappeared already in the quarterfinals as well as Klaes Johansson (who, however, took the double the day after at Ravenhill).

Slipstream Longboards would like to thank co-sponsors Madrid, Hollywood, Skullcandy and Monster. All volunteers, participants, and the amazing crowd also deserve a big thanks for a fantastic and successful day which was finished off with a nice after party at Kon-Tiki.

See you again next year!

Results: Finals:


1. Ross Holm
2. Axel Bergstrom
3. Adam Persson
4. Oliver Spenner
5. Fredrik Hedelund
6. Martin Klawitter


1. Ming Chan
2. Carl Larsson
3. Tobias Lundin
4. Ulf Paakkari

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