The Platypus 2011

Updated shape for 2011!

The Platypus is a responsive and really versatile board designed for the multi-dicipline rider. It´s low drop-through design makes the board light and easy to commute and push with, the functional tail shape makes tricks easier and the board carves tight!

Size: 38,25″ x 8,75″ (96,8cm x 22cm)
Wheelbase: 26,5″ (67cm)
Shape: High concave, Medium Camber, Dropthrough, Kick in both nose and ttail.
Construction: 7 ply Canadian hardmaple + 2 ply fibreglass

Flex: 3 of 5
Downhill: 2 of 5
Freeride: 4 of 5
Carving: 4 of 5
City: 5 of 5

Graphics: Marianne Engedal

41 Responses

  1. David hellström

    Hur mycket kommer denna att kosta?


      Please contact your local dealer (see “Dealers” above) for current pricing!

  2. raymond

    what about making the next year’s platypus 40-42 inches or something because i neer buy a board lower than 40 inches, and if you do i would totally buy it!


      Thanks for the input Raymond!
      We will take your suggestion into careful consideration when finalizing the 2012 lineup.

  3. raymond

    awesome, but the reason is that a longboard is a longboard and a skateboard a skateboard, you don’t wan’t your longboard to feel like a skateboard, right?


      Hello again Raymond!

      We are actually convinced that a longboard is a skateboard, just as much as a skateboard is a skateboard.
      Board+trucks+wheels=skateboard regardless of the length of the board, size of the wheels, angle of the kingpin on the trucks, etc.
      Different terrain, riding styles and personal preferences require different gear – but everything is skateboarding to us!

  4. raymond

    for me board+trucks+wheels= skateboard too, but i just meen that a longboard and “regular” skateboard is two very different genres of the same thing, when i want to cruise around, ride in the hill outside or slide, i grab my longboard. when i want to feel super-cool and practice my tricks i grab my skateboard and go to the skatepark. YES i do both!

    so after my opinion both are skateboards but very different, like twin-tip and slalom ski’s :)

  5. Morty

    Hello there, tried the platypus 2011 model the other day, what a smooth ride! perfect city-cruiser..

    I just wondered, what is the differences in the 2011-model compared to the 2010-model? is it just the graphics, or have you made some other changes?


      Hello Morty and thank you for the feedback, glad you like the board!
      The biggest differences between the 2010 and 2011 Platypus is the double kick and different concave (flatter bottom).
      Thanks again!

  6. Andrei


    I am looking into buying a Platypus but I am not sure if it is right for me.
    I am 176 cm tall and weigh 80 kg.

  7. Mack

    Hur mycket kostar en sån?

  8. Olle

    Hey, what board will be best for me ? I would like really fast speed, and a good carving board but still cruising. Not that much downhill. Im 165Cm and weigth 45kg. Which board will be best for me ? Lowrider, platypus, or the twin ? Thanks !


      Hey Olle!
      There is no board that is the perfect choice for all the things you list.
      Ideally you should have one board for going really fast/downhill and one for carving/cruising.
      Given your lenghth/weight “The Buddy” could be a solid choice as well, but as always try before you buy if possible!

  9. Ricc

    Jag kan inte bestämma mig vilken bräda ja ska köpa det står emellan The Patypus och The Twin, jag är helt ny inom longbording har åkt skateboard ett år bara så vet inte mycket om vad som är bra åt vad liksom. jag ska använda brädan som transportmedel och “leksak” hoppas ni förstår hur ja menar.


      Hej Ricc!
      The Platypus is a smaller, more trick oriented board. The Twin is a bigger carve/cruise board.
      For transport/tricks you should probably go for the Platypus.
      Good Luck!

  10. Morty

    Will it work good with Randals R2 180mm trucks and Monster Hawgs 75mm wheels?

    Or will it be wheelbiting?

  11. Morty

    How close will it be? will I be able to run it with a loose carve-setup bushings, or will I have to make it stiff?

  12. Alex

    Hey Slipstream!
    Im really exited about getting a longboard and start riding it, ive never had one before and i have never tryed one, but ive been using a normal skateboard for a couple of years, so i know how it works, the thing im looking for is more
    cruising, going down some hills, mostly cruising slow and enjoying the ride and the air. Im looking for a surfboard shaped one, do you have any suggestions what i should buy?

    Btw, im 185cm high, and weigh about 60kgs.

    Thank you, please come up with a suggestion for me.



      Hey Alex!

      You should go for “The Pinstripe” or “The Concave Pin”. The main difference is the size of the boards, but both should work well for you.
      Good Luck!

  13. Gabriela


    Looked at hollywood’s website and found out that they only sell this board in a complete setup?
    Is there no other place in Stockholm where they sell just the deck, I mean it is sad that you don’t get to pick your own setup for your board…



      Hey Gabriela,

      We totally agree that you should be able to pick your own setup. In our opinion this should be standard practice in all good skateshops!
      Demand has been really high for this board and we do not have any boards left to ship to our dealers, even though they are screaming for more.
      Sorry that we cannot help you out in a better way here!

  14. Daniel

    hej hej,
    Vill ha en longboard som är bra för transport och carving. Bör jag köpa denna eller pinstripe? Tänker förstås köpa custom setupen. .
    Det här kommer bli min första ”riktiga” longboard och jag vill inte köpa något som går sönder efter 5 åket som min andra.
    Jag är runt 155 cm och väger 45-50 om det har någon betydelse


      Hej Daniel!

      For transport, this board is probably the better choice since it is lower. For carving you get a better leverage out of the Pinstripe, but as always, try before you buy if possible.

      Good Luck!

  15. henrik

    hey. I have looked on the platypus. I weght around 60 kg and wonder if this board is okay for me.
    This will be my first slipstream board. Hope it will work ;)

  16. Karl

    IS this a good board to slide with ? if not, wich board should i use for sliding in the Slipstream way ?

  17. Julia

    What is This boards setup? :)

  18. filip

    hej jag undrar om denna bräden är värt sitt pris om man ska ha brädan mer som en freestyle ( freeriding) än transport. Och funkar den bra att transportera sig med ? /tack på för hand


      Julia; This board is available in a wide range of setups but is pictured here with Aurora 70 mm wheels and Podium 180 trucks.
      Filip; This board works good for freestyle as well as transportation. No worries!

  19. filip

    okej men twin passar den sämre eller bättre ?


      Hello again Filip!
      The Twin should be a better commuter/transportation/freeride deck, but The Platypus will be a better choice for tricks/freestyle.
      Good Luck!

  20. filip

    okej thanks. but if i want i just can swith deck :D

  21. Alexander

    Is it possible to ride this board with 1.85cm and 90kg?
    thx :)

  22. Rikard

    I was jus wondering, how would a couple of 200 mm trucks fit this board?


      Hi Rikard!

      A 200 mm truck will fit on a Platypus but we haven’t tried it with such a wide truck. We think a 180 mm truck is ideal for this board but try! And feel free to share your findings here.