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The Fibrefish Hard 2011

The Slipstream Fibrefish Hard is the stiffer alternative to the Fibrefish Soft model. Preferred by riders that might be heavier, have a more aggressive riding style, or just simply like the harder flex this board provides. Size: 38,25″ x 8,75″ (97,2cm x 22cm) Wheelbase: 25,5″ (65cm) Shape: High camber, Medium concave, kicktail Construction: 6-ply Canadian […]

The Pinstripe 2011

Shorter but stiffer than The Concave Pin, this model also features a cambered shape for a more responsive feel. Great for both carving and cruising, this board, made of seven plies of Canadian hardmaple, performs really well, no matter what you throw at it! Size: 37,5″ x 8,5″ (94,8cm x 21,8cm) Wheelbase: 27,25″ (69,5cm) Shape: […]

The Platypus 2011

Updated shape for 2011! The Platypus is a responsive and really versatile board designed for the multi-dicipline rider. It´s low drop-through design makes the board light and easy to commute and push with, the functional tail shape makes tricks easier and the board carves tight! Size: 38,25″ x 8,75″ (96,8cm x 22cm) Wheelbase: 26,5″ (67cm) […]

The Supercrusher 2011

The Supercrusher is a great cruising longskate for the advanced rider as well as the beginner. The board is constructed from seven plies of Canadian hardmaple, and has a carefully selected size and flex to give you a “surfy” carving feeling, but still a superb stability at higher speeds. Size: 45,75″ x 9,5″ (116,3cm x […]

The Wedgie 2011

New board for 2011! With the intention of making the ultimately versatile carving board we give you “The Wedgie”. With a wedged nose and tail for tighter turns and a dropped platform for stability it has got you covered for commuting, freeriding, sliding, carving. You name it! Size: 40,25″ x9.75″ (102,4cm x 25cm) Wheelbase: 33″ […]