The Concave Pin 2011

New updated shape for 2011!

The Concave Pin is a classic cruising longskate for everyone and is made of seven plies of canadian hardmaple. Slightly softer than the Supercrusher, the Concave Pin is aimed towards riders who prefer a board that comes alive under their feet.

Size: 41,75″ x 9,5″ (106cm x 24,1cm)
Wheelbase: 28,25″ (72cm)
Shape: Medium Concave, Pintail
Construction: 7 ply Canadian Hardmaple

Flex: 4 of 5
Downhill: 3 of 5
Freeride: 3 of 5
Carving: 5 of 5
City: 2 of 5

Graphics: Christoffer Grav

9 Responses

  1. Nokan

    this is a superb cruising board, iv’e had the bamboo pin( i know this is not the bamboo pin) for 2 years, but sadly it’s not a bo0ard intended for tricksters, So last season it snapped in half, but with a fast repair my concave is still rolli’n, i Hail thee. Cool storeh Brah!

  2. Maja
  3. Delil

    Why do I see on a lot of sites the lenght 45.5″ insted?


      Hey Delil!
      They must be using the old measurements from earlier models. The figures you see here are correct.

  4. Filip

    I am fairly lightweight at about 50 kg. Is this a suitable bord for me?

  5. baard

    I am 12 years old and I am 166 cm. I am going to buy my first longboard i this a good choice for me?