The Fibrefish Hard 2011

The Slipstream Fibrefish Hard is the stiffer alternative to the Fibrefish Soft model. Preferred by riders that might be heavier, have a more aggressive riding style, or just simply like the harder flex this board provides.

Size: 38,25″ x 8,75″ (97,2cm x 22cm)
Wheelbase: 25,5″ (65cm)
Shape: High camber, Medium concave, kicktail
Construction: 6-ply Canadian hardmaple+2 ply fibreglass

Flex: 2 of 5
Downhill: 3 of 5
Freeride: 3 of 5
Carving: 4 of 5
City: 4 of 5

Graphics: Børge Bredendekk

6 Responses

  1. Pat

    i’m 200 cm tall and weigh 100 kg could this board be right for me?:)

    • ola

      Hi Pat!

      The Fibrefish hard could be a good choice for you. But I don’t think you should be limited to it. It would be best if you could try some different models. For example you could try the buddy. The ones you should avoid is the Fibrefish soft.

      Just reply to us if you have any more questions!

  2. David

    märks det mycket när man åker att den har hög camber?


      Hej David!
      Depending on what you are used to, the higher camber on this board is highly noticable.

  3. David

    Är det jobbigt att lära sig åka med hög camber?


      David, riding a cambered board might be a little bit harder, but definitely no big deal for anyone who is not a pure beginner.
      Good Luck!