The Pinstripe 2011

Shorter but stiffer than The Concave Pin, this model also features a cambered shape for a more responsive feel. Great for both carving and cruising, this board, made of seven plies of Canadian hardmaple, performs really well, no matter what you throw at it!

Size: 37,5″ x 8,5″ (94,8cm x 21,8cm)
Wheelbase: 27,25″ (69,5cm)
Shape: Medium camber, Medium concave. Pintail.
Construction: 7 ply Canadian hardmaple.

Flex: 3 of 5
Downhill: 3 of 5
Freeride: 4 of 5
Carving: 4 of 5
City: 5 of 5

Graphics: Marianne Rasmussen

9 Responses

  1. Kenan

    This is my first board. With Randal II 180 and abec11 zigzag 86a wheels.
    It is really fun at speeds ~25km/h (I think this was the fastest I went on flatland).

    It has a nice feeling to it. It’s stable and fun to carve with.

    My two cents :-)

  2. Andreas

    HI, just put an order on this board, i think it was the awesome graphics that made me pick it and not some other shitty board;) so keep the sweet graohics up in coming models!

  3. Domo

    Yo SS!

    this board is sick, but im wondering how much flex 3 is ? I mean it sounds like flex 5 is where you are scraping the ground with your board when you stand on it and flex 1 is where your weight has no impact on the board when you stand on it.

    Cheers brah


      Yo Domo!
      You interpret our flex ratings exactly right, and flex 3 is in the middle of no impact and scraping the ground (depending on rider weight and aggressiveness).

  4. Gabriela


    Ska välja min första bräda, har åkt longboard och skateboard innan (dock inte hållt på med trick), nu vill ja ha en egen bräda som är allround, vill kunna bemästra några backar men ändå carva runt i stan och jag tycker det här verkar som en bra bräda för det, är den det? :)
    Vad kan ni rekommendera för truckar och hjul?


      Hej Gabriela!

      This is a decent allround cruising board and should work good for you.
      We recommend “Reversed Kingpin” trucks (Randal, Paris, Holey, etc.). Both 150 and 180 sizes work, but we normally recommend 150:s to reduce the risk of footbite.
      For wheels you should go for wider wheels around 70mm with a durometer around 78-81.
      Every rider has his/her own preferences though, so use these recommendations as pointers only and try to find out what you like best.

      Good Luck!

  5. Gabriela

    Thank you, now I got a brief idea of what I should buy!

    :) Cheers

  6. Alex

    Hey Slipstream!

    Nu är jag en stolt ägare av en Pinstripe 2011. :)

    Har dock ett litet problem, När jag åker i vissa nedförsbackar så börjar brädan vobbla, och jag tappar kontrollen. Det är rätt så jobbigt när man åker bland trafik. Heh

    Är det något jag gör fel? Står jag fel kanske? Måste jag spänna på skruvarna på truckarna eller någor?

    Snälla Hjälp mig! :)

    Peace Out!


      Hey Alex!
      Speed wobbles are mostly more in the riders front leg than the “hardware”.
      The first thing you could try is to tighten the kingpin bolts. If that doesn’t help maybe you should try to change to harder bushings.
      But I think it’s mostly about practice. The more used you get to your board and to riding – the more stable it will be.
      Hope you sort it out. Write back otherwise!