The Supercrusher 2011

The Supercrusher is a great cruising longskate for the advanced rider as well as the beginner. The board is constructed from seven plies of Canadian hardmaple, and has a carefully selected size and flex to give you a “surfy” carving feeling, but still a superb stability at higher speeds.

Size: 45,75″ x 9,5″ (116,3cm x 24,1cm)
Wheelbase: 32″ (81,5cm)
Shape: Medium camber, Medium concave. Kicktail.
Construction: 7 ply Canadian hardmaple.

Flex: 2 of 5
Downhill: 4 of 5
Freeride: 3 of 5
Carving: 5 of 5
City: 2 of 5

Graphics: Stefan Grolin

10 Responses

  1. Oskar

    Hallå! Hur tror ni att denna brädan lämpar sig för en åkare på runt 100kg rent viktmässigt? :) Står mellan denna och fibrefish hard som också ligger på en 2:a i flex, men vill gärna ha en lite längre bräda så därför jag undrar.


      Hallå Oskar!

      This board will work. but if you want a stiffer, big board, you should probably taka a close look at “The DFA” as well.

      Good Luck!

  2. Björn

    Hej! I’m just wondering, how would this board fit someone who’s been dying to start longboarding but hasn’t really started since he didn’t have anyone to ride with, and the length of the board, what is the “preferred” length for a tall person. I’d like to cruise around and just be with a longboard. what’s the best size(?)

    thank you for making awesome longboards ^^


      Hej Björn!
      This is a decent starting board but you should probably check out “The Lowrider” as well. A low and wide board is always good to start out with!
      Regarding the length of the board, this has very little to do withg the length of the rider. As an example our shortest board “The Buddy” is enjoyed and preferred by kids as well as big guys 190 cm + 100 kg.
      If you prefer a shorter board or a longer board is really a matter of personal preferences, so go ahead and try a couple of different boards if possible and find out what you like!

  3. Björn

    Cool, thank you : ) I’ll check some boards out : )

  4. Matt

    I recently bought this board, and I absolutely loved it! You do really get a surfing feeling!

  5. Nybörjare

    Jag funderar på att köpa en sån där bräda, jag har aldrig åkt förut. Jag är ca 162/163 cm lång, är brädan för lång för mig eftersom jag är nybörjare, eller funkar den som en nybörjarbräda också?

    Tacksam för svar!


      Hej Nybörjare!

      This is a pretty big board, perhaps not ideal for beginners. Will work though!
      Beginners at our demos usually prefer wide, low boards like The Twin, The Lowrider or The Wedgie before this one.
      Good luck!

  6. Jake

    Hei i am 13 years old weight 40-60kg is this a good board for me