NDO 2011 Edit and recap


The eleventh edition of Näckrosdammen Open was as usual blessed with sunshine and 75 riders (new record number participants) hurled themselves down the technically challenging course.

As usual the big crowd of spectators got what they came for already in the warmup runs, but fortunately, it did not get any worse then a couple of knocked out teeth.

Other minor injuries got looked after by “Roofy Safety Amassadors” who participated in this event to inform about and encourage the use of safety gear. The number of serious incidents involving longboarders, sometimes even with lethal outcome, rises steadily, and they all have in common that helmets are missing.

The level of riding takes giant leaps every year and this year was not an exception. Despite a tight and tricky course we had lots of great riding and exciting heats.

It was also fun to see so many younger riders participating. Several aged twelve to fourteen raced for their first time. “Kids” bracket next year?

Klaes Johansson got back from the disapointing early knockout last year and was actually unbeaten in all races and a worthy winner in the Advanced class. Sebastian Prince somehow got entered in the Regular class and sailed smoothly towards the victory. Advanced next year Sebastian!

The event organizers Slipstream Longboards and Madrid would like to thank co sponsors Hollywood, Skullcandy, Junkyard, JSM, Urskog, Arbor, Boardlife, Dregs and Monster. All voulonteers, participants and the great crowd also deserve a big shout out for a wonderful day that ended with a party at Parken.

See you next year!

Resuts finals:


1. Klas Johansson
2. Viking Hadestrand
3. Ming Chan
4. Fredrik Rogbrandt
5. Jim Augustsson
6. Max Meurling
7. Johannes Engström
8. Martin Palmkvist


1. Sebastian Prince
2. Oskar Wernberg
3. Jakob Harangi
4. Robin Axelsson
5. Anton Andersson
6. Oliver Simonsson

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