Photos: Näckrosdammen Open 2012

Thanks to all making this event such fun! I surely had a great time!

All our photos are available on Facebook.

See you next year!

The results from Näckrosdammen Open 2012


  1. Fredrik Rogbrant
  2. Mikael Hadestrand
  3. Esaiah Ekman
  4. Robin Bergman


  1. Anton Lundqvist Otterhed
  2. Gurra Funck Norrhäll
  3. Rasmus Stegemyr
  4. Henrik Boström


  1. Niklas Harrysson
  2. Pontus Parsmo
  3. Emil Holmqvist
  4. Jonas Xu


  1. Emina Andersson
  2. Malin Haapaharju
  3. Emma Haapaharju

For more info see the event page on Facebook.

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