Sardinia – The Coasts – Traces pt VII

This last fall the Slipstream team went to the beautiful Sardinia a week to check out the spots.

As a part in the Traces series, where we explore new unridden areas, we have made three video episodes around this adventure. This episode we see the villages and meet the people.

Read about the adventure on All Around Skate and see the video on Youtube & Vimeo! You can also view the photo gallery from the trip.

Previous episodes in the Traces series:

We got loads of spot checking help from the locals team Longskate Arbus. Thanks a lot! Hope to see you soon. Also big thanks to our sponsors and Skullcandy and to Mattias Larsson for all video work. You all helped make this possible!

Music: Kisho bashi – White brights
Video: Mattias Larsson

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  1. Awesome! Who is riding the Raccon? :D