We meet a lot of fantastic, talented, interesting, beautiful, skilled, funny and wonderful people all the time. Sometimes the connection goes beyond the usual and you want to push things forward on a completely different level.


The Buddy 2012 is another collaboration with our friends at Locals Apparel!


The surfing company Rip Curl Fibrefish colab!


European Snowboard brand Bataleon give you their take on our classic Concave Pin. – Smile it’s Schlongboarding!

Norwegian lifestyle brand MOKAii present fresh colours and surfy inspiration on our Fibrefish Soft.

Finally, swedish Locals Apparel do what they do best – Muerte Skulls!


2007 we made our first collaboration board with our friends at Uniforms for the Dedicated (formerly known as Team Manwhore). We had great fun doing this and the results were stunning.