D.F.A. 2012

D.F.A. 2012

Updated shape!
Death From Above is a non-flexing freeride & downhill-board for speed nutters who prefer a top mounted board.

The deep concave & long gas pedals also help for those long slides that we know you love!


  • Size: 37.2” × 10.2” / 94,5 cm × 25,9 cm
  • Truckbase: adjustable 27.9” – 30.2” / 70,9 cm – 76,7 cm
  • Shape: Deep concave, flat profile, wheelwells, gaspedals
  • Construction: 9-ply Canadian hardmaple
  • Flex: 1
  • Downhill: 5
  • Freeride: 5
  • Carving: 4
  • City: 1

Graphic design: Moa Nordahl

14 Responses

  1. Rikard

    What is the difference between the new DFA and the old one?
    // Rikard

  2. Ekkog

    this is an awesome board and every one should try it

  3. Andreas

    Would you recommend the DFA 2012 as a board for carving and cruising?

  4. Andreas

    Oh, and one more question. How good flex does the DFA 2012 have? Could you post me a video of a flex test? I didn’t find any on the net.

  5. Hugo

    Hur är den, och får man lätt wheelbite med den ?

    • Slipstream

      Hej Hugo!
      This board is stiff, stable and aimed towards riders that like speed and aggressive freeriding.
      Wheelbites are normally not a problem (double wheel-wells!), but that naturally depends on your setup.
      Good Luck!

  6. Simon

    Hur mycket konkav har den? och hur mycket har 2011? Tack :)

  7. Dennis

    Om man kör på en DFA 2011 och älskar den, kommer man gilla 2012? Eller kommer det kanske en 2013 om några månader som är ännu fetare?

    • Slipstream

      Hey Dennis, we are stoked to hear that you love the DFA 2011 board.
      If you love the DFA 2011, we are pretty confident that you will like the 2012 shape even more!
      The 2013 boards will not be around for another six months, but yes, they are going to kick some serious ass…

  8. Marco

    The dfa Kicks ass, i have Ride it now for about 3 month. I Love it really! Those gas pedals really guve me a Good Feeling while sliding. And my Front Foot has enough Space there while riding High Speeds. Great Board guys!!!

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