Jackal 2012 TM / DT

Jackal 2012 TM / DT

We are proud to introduce our most advanced freeride board The Jackal!

This board is custom made for us in Canada & is available both as a dropthrough & topmount.

The stiff & durable 9-ply design with a dropped platform will most certainly become a team favorite!


  • Size, top mount: 36.6” × 9.6” / 93 cm × 24,3 cm
  • Size, drop through: 35.2″ × 9.6″ / 89,5 cm × 24,3 cm
  • Truckbase, top mount: adjustable 28.8″ – 30″ / 73,2 cm – 76,3 cm
  • Truckbase, drop through: 28.9″ / 73,5 cm
  • Shape: High concave, 15 mm deep dropped platform
  • Construction: 9-ply Canadian hardmaple
  • Flex: 1
  • Downhill: 4
  • Freeride: 5
  • Carving: 5
  • City: 2

Graphic design: Andrè Skjeggestad

5 Responses

  1. Great shape. Looks fantastic. Only 2 questions.

    Is it good for intermediate riders??

    Is it good for city riding??

    Thanks alot & regards from Spain!


    • Slipstream

      Hi Dave, thank you for the kind words. We are really happy with how this board is performing for us.
      Although aimed towards more experienced to advanced riders, this is a great board for intermediate riders looking for an all-round freerideboard without any flex.
      Regarding city riding, that really depends on the rider. Some might prefer a shorter/quicker/more agile board for city riding, but many of our teamriders use this board with great success in cities.

      Good Luck!

      • Many thanks for for the quick reply. Your info was really helpful. I’ll be receiving my board shortly. As soon as I give it a try I’ll let you now my feedback about it.

        Thanks & regards from Spain.


  2. Carl

    Awesome looking board?
    One quetion, what trucks is it on the pictures?

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