Lowrider 2012

Lowrider 2012

This maple + fibreglass board provides lots of foot space & a deep concave for good grip & comfy long hill bombs.

For maximum stability, it has a dropped platform, which gives you a lowered centre of gravity & more stable & comfortable pushing / foot braking.

If you’ve not yet tried a dropped deck, you need to give it a go!

  • Size: 41” × 9.75” / 104 cm × 24,9 cm
  • Truckbase: 32.76” / 83,2 cm
  • Shape: High concave, dropped platform
  • Construction: 7-ply Canadian hardmaple + 2-ply fibreglass
  • Flex: 3
  • Downhill: 3
  • Freeride: 4
  • Carving: 5
  • City: 3

Graphic design: Ole-Sigurd Walla

63 Responses

  1. pierre

    Hi need help!!
    Im going to buy a longboard (my first) but i can ride cause i have been riding skateboard for a while.
    i cant decide which board in gonna buy either the platypus or lowrider i like carving but still whant
    to do slides pretty well. like the fact that the lowrider is low but the platypus has a nose and kick tail
    which i like so it`s very hard to decide my wheight is 50 kg and im 160 cm long and flex is also a pretty nice


    • Slipstream


      You can use either board for what you are looking for. I would also look at the Twin. If you have the chance it’s always best to try different boards before you buy.
      If you force me to chose for you I would say Platypus but that’s my personal opinion.

      Please write back if you have any more questions. Otherwise. Good luck and happy riding!

      (I write the same reply to both your posts)

  2. pierre

    Hi again
    I did take a look at the twin and WOW it’s a really nice board so i think i have decided myself to buy a slipstream twin also beacuse it’s great in many diffrent ways. Going to buy it whits some paris trucks 180 mm and devine 70mm 78a. You think it’s going to be good for me i got some hills here and carving is fun :-) also going to ride some in town where me school is.
    Write what u think about this :)

  3. Pierre

    Ok nice
    i will buy it tomorrow but will it be any flex for mi my wheight is 50 kg and does the board turn any good??

  4. Pierre

    one last questiion will it turn pretty bad? Just wondering cause it has a pretty big wheelbase.
    and thx for the very good support it’s amasing! :-)

    • Slipstream

      Hello again Pierre!
      Actually, all our boards turn pretty good, so you should be OK ;-)
      No but seriously, a boards turning capabilities are greatly influenced by the trucks and bushings that are used, so I guess that depends on what components you choose!

  5. Hugo

    Can I slide with a lowrider well ?

    • Slipstream

      You can slide with the Lowrider. But if you are looking for a more trick / slide board I would look at Twin, Platypus or Jackal. Maybe even DFA / Buddy depending on your size and preferences.

      Hope it helps!

  6. Hugo

    Hi, who is the best slide board ?

  7. Jesper

    Tjena, Har tänkt köpa en lowrider 12 undrar bara om det är för mycket flex i brädan för mina 92 kilo?

    • Slipstream

      Hugo – That depends on what types of slides you want to do and on your size. Around here we really like doing technical slides on the Hammer!

      Jesper – At 92 kgs this board will flex for you. Not too much in our opinion if you like flexy boards… Good Luck!

  8. Hugo

    What is the difference between 2011 and 1012 ?

  9. Punkreas

    Hey, I think the lowrider is the right for me…freerides, slides etc. But what about the flex? My weight is 85 kg and im 189 cm long

    • Slipstream

      Hey Punkreas, thank you for the message!
      Regarding flex for you on The Lowrider – It will flex some, but not too much in our opinion. If you like flex – go for it, if you do not like flex you might want to look at other options.
      Good Luck!

  10. Max

    Hi :) I’m a beginner for longboarding but i would like to just cruise and maybe try some slides with the board. My weight are around 70 kg and im 175 cm long. I have been looking on the twin, hammer or lowrider. What board would be the best for me?

    • Slipstream

      Hi Max!

      All board you suggest will work for you, the Hammer will be better for more technical slides though.
      Good Luck!

  11. Lars

    I was unlucky and ran over my Platypuss with our car (sounds as stupid as it is!) and are therefore looking for at replacement. I found the Platypuss to be very agile and fun to ride, but also quite unstable when trying to bomb even smaller hills (compared to my buddys Landyachtz and Lush). I am looking for more stability, without wanting to sacrifice too much of the carving capabilities.
    My Paris 180s survived so i want to use them again. Would they fit, and is the Lowrider the answer to my questions?

    • Slipstream

      Hi Lars, sorry to hear about your board.
      Your trucks will fit the Lowrider for sure, no worries!
      This board is a bit more stable compared to The Platypus, but you should realize that it flexes. For even more stability, take a look at The DFA or Jackal boards.
      Good Luck!

  12. Makk

    I live in Oslo, where can i try your boards?? I found this sport really interesting and i want to try it! what board would you recommend for me? i’m 1.85cm and my weight is 90kg

  13. Lolá

    Hei there :)
    May I in advance say I am sorry, for my english is realy bad ;)
    Since I already have a skateboard, waveboard and stuff I would like to try out longboarding (it looks pretty cool and one can do a lot more things with it!!!)
    problem is I dont know which one to buy, the lowrider looks awsome but I want an allround board, for sliding, downhill, carving, cruising aso…
    I also liked the twin pretty much.. but the design is not the important thing just the shape should be as in those 2 boards ^^
    ah and I love tricks, but actually may I send you a youtube vid about how I would like to be able to board ? :)

  14. niklas

    is the lowrider the one with the dragon? cause ive seen two with same name. and also will it be decent to slide with for a beginner? 155 long 60 kilos

    • Slipstream

      Hello Niklas!
      Last year (2011) we made a Lowrider with dragon graphics.
      This board is pretty easy to slide with depending on what setup you use, but might be a bit big for a smaller rider like yourself in our opinion. Perhaps The Hammer could be an alternative but, as always, try it before you buy it if possible!

  15. Lolá

    Jesus I love the twin :)
    I’m gonna take that one for sure ! but thanks anyway ;D

  16. niklas

    ok thanks :) but i cant try first cause im gonna order online and thanks for the tip gonna check some other boards :D but i want a all-round board good in the city andgood in the hills :)

  17. Rebecca

    Hej ! Jag är en nybörjare och vill gärna ha en all-around bräda. Skulle denna funka för mig ? Är det en bra nybörjarbräda?

    • Slipstream

      Hej Rebecca!
      Most beginners love this board att all our demos, so it will probably work like a charm for you as well, but try it before you buy it if possible!

  18. niklas

    i cant choose between this and the hammer its so hard i kinda wanna learn tricks like tiger claws and stuff but i like the lowrider shape and i wanna slide too cant decide!! help? 150-155cm 60 kilos

    • Slipstream

      Hi Niklas, tough decision!
      The boards are pretty different, but from your weight/lengt I would say that you should probably go for The Hammer. Slides and Tiger Claws will work, no worries.
      Have you checked out the films at http://vimeo.com/slipstream ?

  19. PG

    Lurer på hva dere anbefaler av The Lowrider og The Platypus til cruising rundt om i byen og rolige bakker?
    Skal foreløpig ikke brukes til triksing osv.

  20. PG

    Hallo igjen.
    Akkurat da jeg skulle kjøpe The Lowrider ble det solgt ut (det var på salg). Så jeg vurderer The Platypus istedet. Skal fortsatt brukes mest til cruising og “rolige” bakker (ikke downhill). Er det et godt alternativ? 180 cm og ca 80 kg.

  21. PG

    Da ble det Lowrider! Kjøpte det på Whitewater, meeeget fornøyd!

  22. Henrik

    Hi, I’ve been looking into some of your boards as I’m thinking of expanding my quiver for the next season . I would really like toknowhow well this board is for puming even though the fboard seem to be bit stiff ?

    • Slipstream

      Hi Henrik,
      This board works good for pumping in our opinion, it is actually pretty flexy.
      As always this is a matter of personal preferences, so try it before you buy it if possible.

      Good Luck!

  23. Mathias

    Hej! Jag är ny till longboards och har tänkt köpa en bräda från er. Har tänkt köra en del till polare osv inne i stan men även till universitetet vilket är ca. 4 km. Jag kommer INTE köra i en massa backar eller slida utan vanligt åk bara. Tror ni denna hade passat mig bäst då av era? Har även kollat på Buddy och DFA.

    • Slipstream Longboards

      Hej Mathias, thank you for the message!
      In our opinion, this would be a good choice for you. Low, stable, easy to learn on and a great commuter. Buddy might work as well if you are transitioning from “regular” skateboarding. DFA will not be so much fun since you will not focus on going downhill.
      Good Luck!

  24. Mathias

    Tror ni detta är den bästa boarden ni har för mig? Är den för lång och tung att t.ex. ha med sig när man handlar? Vill ha en kombinerad som funkar både att ta med sig men även åka lite längre sträckor!

    • Slipstream Longboards

      Hello again Mathias.
      Tough question to answer! This is one of our bigger boards, for sure, but it is probably a very individual question.
      The Buddy is easier to carry around for sure!

  25. Mathias

    How is the DFA to cruise in the city? That one is quite small aswell?

    • Slipstream Longboards

      the DFA works for city cruising, but will not be as fun in the city as the Buddy will be in our opinion (shorter wheelbase, etc). The DFA is more built for speed and needs a little bit more space (and hills!).

  26. Mathias

    Ok! One last question, will the Buddy be hard for someone who hasn´t been skating before? Im fairly sure the Lowrider is best for me, or what do you think?

  27. Helgesen

    I have buyed it! <3

  28. Helgesen

    Is it possible/hard to slide with the lowrider?

    • Slipstream

      The low profile and “pockets” created at the drops actually makes this board a good slider. Wheels and trucks are an important factor as well though!

  29. jonas

    Hei. Jeg lurer bare på om lowrider er ett brett det funker og gjøre/lære seg slides med?
    Har ett loaded dervish brett fra før å er på utkikk etter ett brett som er litt bedre i hastighet
    og kan gjøre slides med. Om ikke dette har dere tips til meg ?

    • Slipstream

      Hei Jonas!
      You can slide with all our boards, but The Lowrider is one of the easier ones to learn on in our opinion.
      Many riders feel that dropped/dropthrough decks are easier to slide due to the lowered centre of gravity, and The Platypus and Hammer boards have gotten a lot of recognition for this. Wheels (and trucks!) are important to factor in as well when wanting to have a setup that is easy to learn slides on.
      Good Luck!

  30. jonas

    Hvordan hjul anbefaler dere til sliding og funker de som er orginale bra nok?

    • Slipstream

      Smaller, harder and narrower wheels are easier to slide on but also less comfortable to ride. Sliding “specialists” often have one kind of wheel as their sliding wheels, another kind for speed and so on.
      A good compromise could be around 70mm, contact path between 40-50mm, durometer 81-85a.
      Good luck!

  31. Frida

    Jag är 153 lång och 58kg, är en lowrider för stor för mig?
    Jag tänkte att en lowrider kan va bra för mig som är liten för att det är närmare till marken

  32. Frida

    Eller är en Hammer bättre?
    Tycker den är lite högt upp från marken

    • Slipstream

      Hi Frida!
      The Lowrider 2012 will work for you, but in our opinion The Hammer (stiffer) or The Platypus (flexier) might be better choices since they are smaller. The difference in height above the ground is not very big so you should at least consider these as good options!
      The Lowrider will work though, and The 2013 version is slightly smaller compared to The 2012 version.
      Good luck!

  33. Frida

    Hur stor skillnad är det i centimeter mellan lowrider 2013 o en platypus?

  34. Frida

    Vart skulle man kunna köpa en lowrider 2012?

  35. Daniel

    Thats the most beautiful longboard I’ve amever seen.
    I’m from Germany and I can’t find any shops that sales this board.
    What should I do ?

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