Platypus 2012

Platypus 2012

Updated shape – Wider and tighter!
The Platypus is a responsive & really versatile board designed for the multi-dicipline rider. It ́s low drop-through design makes the board light & easy to commute & push with. The functional tail shape makes tricks easier & the board carves tight.

If you are looking for a board for tricks, slides & just pure fun this is it!

  • Size: 38.25” × 9.1” / 96,8 cm × 23 cm
  • Truckbase: 26.5” / 67 cm
  • Shape: Medium concave, dropthrough, kick in both nose & tail
  • Construction: 7-ply Canadian hardmaple + 2-ply fibreglass
  • Flex: 3
  • Downhill: 1
  • Freeride: 4
  • Carving: 3
  • City: 5

Graphic design: Tone Emblemsvåg

64 Responses

  1. Jens

    Fantastic Board. Fast & furious. Jens (Bremen, Germany)

  2. Emma

    I’m planning to buy my first slipstream and i can’t decide which one. It stands between this one and the hammer, i want to be able to ride downhill and cruise around town. Is the platypus stable in high speed? And which one do you reccomend?

    • Slipstream

      Hello Emma!
      The Hammer board does not flex and is the more stable out of the two you mention.

      Good Luck!

  3. Vincent

    Is this longboard good for sliding ? becuase i wanna learn how to slide . And i want a good board for it :D

    • Slipstream

      Hi Vincent!
      This board works great for sliding and we have seen some sick technical slides preformed on it.
      Good Luck!

  4. Vincent

    Okay, Im gonna buy it then :D

  5. Me

    Platypus eller Fibrefish soft til gutt 10 år, 1,40 høy, 30 kg, nybegynner?

    • Slipstream

      Hello Me, The Platypus is a better board to learn on in our opinion, due to the fact that it is lower.
      Good Luck!

      • Me

        Takk for raskt svar :-). Tror du en gutt på den størrelsen vil kunne håndtere Platypus greit?

      • Slipstream

        With soft enough bushings, that should not be a problem. Please check out The Hammer as well!

  6. Lars

    Can’t choose between this and the Hammer for learning and commuting. What difference does the flex do?

    • Slipstream

      Hi Lars, thank you for the message.
      Regarding flex, this is often a matter of personal taste and preferences, but generally speaking it is easier to learn on a board that does not flex.

      Good Luck!

  7. Kine

    In the Quiver it says that the size og Platypus is 38.25″ x 9.1″, on the web ist says 38.25” × 8.75”, which is correct?

    • Slipstream

      Hello Kine, sorry for the misunderstanding.
      9.1″ is the correct width for 2012, we have made this years version wider compared to previous years.

  8. Jessy

    Hey Slipstream! I just brought this longboard for my local skateshop. Is this a good slide, carving and just cruising around in my neighbourhod? Its gonna be at my door at monday, looking forward to it, but ive heard its not the best cruising board. Im a noob at longboard ;) Please help me

    • Slipstream

      Hey Jessy, thanks for the message!
      This is a great all-round board works good for cruising as well so do not worry.
      Good Luck!

  9. Jessy

    Got the board today, I LOVE IT! Thanks Slipstream!

  10. pierre

    Hi need help!!
    Im going to buy a longboard (my first) but i can ride cause i have been riding skateboard for a while.
    i cant decide which board in gonna buy either the platypus or lowrider i like carving but still whant
    to do slides pretty well. like the fact that the lowrider is low but the platypus has a nose and kick tail
    which i like so it`s very hard to decide my wheight is 50 kg and im 160 cm long and flex is also a pretty nice

    • Slipstream


      You can use either board for what you are looking for. I would also look at the Twin. If you have the chance it’s always best to try different boards before you buy.
      If you force me to chose for you I would say Platypus but that’s my personal opinion.

      Please write back if you have any more questions. Otherwise. Good luck and happy riding!

      (I write the same reply to both your posts)

  11. Lars


    I am stuck between this and The Twin. I have tried 2 Loaded boards, the Dervish and the Tan Tien – the last one was my favorite without a doubt! Liked both boards but not the pricetag. Which one of your boards will be most like the Tan Tien? It had a nice lenght and flex. (Tough question, i know)

    I am going to commute, light(!) downhill and hoping some sliding down the road.


  12. Jesper

    Hey! I’m a big guy at 95kg and 1.99cm.. Is this board for me? I mainly want to use it for cruising and maybe do some basic tricks, but can it handle my weight?

    • Slipstream


      Yes it can handle your weight. As always – if you can try different boards it’s easier to choose.

      Good luck!

      • Since you guys are the experts on the subject, what board do you recommend? :)

        Btw, thanks for responding so quickly! Kudoz!

      • I might add that i want a board for freeride-/city-use! Peace!

      • Slipstream

        Hello again Jesper!
        The DFA and Jackal boards are great Freeride boards in our opinion and will handle your size for sure.
        For city you might want to take a closer look at The Hammer or Buddy boards.
        Try it before you buy it if possible!

      • Felix Andersson
  13. Felix Andersson

    jag ska köpa min första longboard är platypus en bra första bräda?

  14. ich habe es mir gekauft und nach 2 wochen ist das Kugellager am ARSCH ziemlich zum kotzen :( :(

    • Slipstream

      Hello Akim, sorry to hear about your bearings.
      Do you know what kind of bearings you had on your setup (brand, etc.)?
      Nevertheless, you should definitely consult your local dealer to get this issue sorted.
      Good Luck!

  15. martin


    Jeg ønsker meg et brett som er i størrelsen 37-39 inches – skal brukes til cruising, freeride, bykjøring og som fremkomsmiddel fra a-å. Må være veldig stabilt, men også lett å svinge med (god svingradius). Ønsker gjeren orangatang/hawgs eller lignende 75/6 mm 80 a hjul. Skal ikke bruke brettet til å slide altfor mye.

    Vil the platypus eller the twin være riktig valg? Og kan man få det med nevnte hjul kombinasjon og bestille direkte gjennom dere?

    Jeg er 181 cm og veier 81 kg.

    • Slipstream

      Hi Martin,

      My first recommendation would be the lowrider. It’s a bit longer than you wanted but look at it anyways. I think both platypus and the twin would work fine for you. But I haven’t tried them with 75mm wheels.

      You cannot buy boards directly from us but look at the dealers page:

      Hope it helped. Write back if you have any more questions!

      • martin

        Ok, if I try them with 70 mm 80a/78a wheels, will it be much difference from the swing radius between the platypus and the twin? Will the boards still be good for cruising around town and be stable in higher speeds? Is the platypus really a 1 for downhill? Thx for your reply.

      • Slipstream

        Hello again Martin,
        Regarding turning radius, The Platypus turns tighter compared to The Twin.
        We prefer The Platypus for cruising around town, but The Twin works good there as well and is more stable in higher speeds.
        Try it before you buy it if possible!

  16. Isac


    I’m wondering if Platypus only has one kind of pattern. /Thanks

    • Slipstream

      Hello Isac!

      Yes, The Platypus has one grafic if that is what you mean with pattern. If you mean flex pattern the answer is also yes.
      Good Luck!

  17. William

    Is it good to use in cruising or bombing? I just want to cruise with it.

  18. Viktor

    I just got my platypus and I Iove it, it’s amazing. I just wonder one thing, do all platypus boards come with this griptejp (don’t know the word in engls ish) or do stores selling them sometimes do changes with the griptejp? Because when I got mine (bought it from it did not have this griptejp, wich is also the one that they are advertising with, but another one with like an S in the middle of the board. I just wonder if that is something that different stores do a lot? I like my other griptejp do, I’m just courious.

    Thanks for an awesome board!!

    • Slipstream

      Hey Viktor, thank you for the message, great to hear that you love the board!
      We try to improve our grip-job skills every day and the latest trick we do is with our laser-cut logo in the middle of the board.
      Hope you like it!

  19. Hermann

    Hi my Swedish friends,
    I recommend this board. It is stable and tough, it likes manuals, shove-it’s and 180 kick turns.
    It is still great in the city – my idea would be, smaller and harder wheels.
    On wheels: If you are a beginner, even with skateboarding in general, you still might want to look for a little bit harder wheels above 80a (e.g. yellow orangatangs at 86a) and you might want to chose smaller wheels 65mm. I know it is scary to start with harder wheels as everybody keeps telling you they slide too well but the platypus in my mind is a board that can be used for tricks and this is just easier with more “street skateboard” like wheels. Also in the city the smaller wheels give you better acceleration and maybe even more important, better deceleration when breaking with your food – what could come up in handy when a SAAB 9-5 is about to hit you.

    One thing on the stock grip tape: would be great if the grip tape would be pre-cutted around the drop-through holes as the grip tape gets curly when you have riser pads between truck and board. When fastening the bolts, the pad gets squeezed and it kind of pushes the grip tape away and curls it up. you end up with huge amounts of air between grip and wood. sooner or later that has the effect that the grip tape gets loose around the truck area. I didn’t want to say it but, …grrrr….Loaded did a good job with their grip tape pattern in this area. So might be something for the next evolution of this nice board.

    Thank you Slipstream!

    • Slipstream

      Hi Hermann and thank you for the kind words and feedback!
      We will definitely address the stock grip issue you mention on the next batch. We constantly try to improve our products and this cannot be done without the valuable feedback from riders out there.

  20. Hej

    Jag vett inte villken flex som jag ska ha. Min längd är 1.75 och min vikt är 60.

    • Slipstream

      Hej Alexander!
      This board will work like a charm for a rider your size. Will not flex much, so if you like boards with lots of flex you might want to look elsewhere.
      Good luck!

  21. anders

    hello :) I’m new in long boarding :) i want the platypus instead of tan tien :) but i don’t know flex? my weight is 76 kg :) help thx

    • Slipstream

      Hello Anders,
      This board will flex some for you, but not much (depending on what you compare it to, naturally).
      Will work like a charm for you, but not if you are really into cambered boards that flex a lot.
      Good luck!

  22. zeitlupe

    what are the trucks on the board above?

  23. Leeoon


    I have 98kg . Is it flax for my?

  24. Fishviolator

    I weigh about 220 pounds (95 kg)
    How would this board be?

  25. Sebastian

    Hi! does this board have good carving? im looking for a board with good carving. I live in a small town with long roads and not many ”downhill roads”. I want this one or Pinstripe, wich one is the best?

    • Slipstream

      Hi Sebastian!
      Both boards will work for you, but this one is perhaps a little bit more “all-round”.

      Good Luck!

  26. Jenard

    ok where can i buy this??

    • Slipstream Longboards

      Please take a look here for info on all our dealers (click the flags!). Please let us know if you have any problems finding what you want.

  27. Jaimy

    Does it have the same flex as the twin?

    • Slipstream Longboards

      Hi Jaimy,
      The constuction is the same, but due to the different wheelbase and concave (no camber), the Platypus flexes less compared to the Twin.

  28. len

    is this board good for riding long distance?
    im living in The Netherlands and looking for a nice board but where can i buy a slipstream in Holland?
    and what did you think the price of this board in Holland?

  29. Andreas

    I’m about 80kg and only a decent rider. Choosing between the 2013 models of the platypus, would the harder or softer one be better for me?
    Will almost certainly only be using it for cruising and maybe hitting some very light hills.

    • Slipstream

      Hi Andreas!
      Choice of flex is always a matter of personal preferences.
      If you like some flex you should go for the soft version, if you like NO flex, you should go for the hard version.
      Hope this helps!

  30. len

    hello slipstream
    im wanna buy this board for riding my neighbourhood and making speed with puching
    i hope you have a good advicd for me

    • Slipstream

      Hello Len!
      This board will work for long distance, but you should probably check out the Lowrider as well.
      For our dealers in your region, take a look HERE.

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