Wedgie 2012

Wedgie 2012

New updated shape! Tighter, wider and symmetrical.

With the intention of making the ultimately versatile carving board we give you “The Wedgie”.
A wedged nose & tail for tighter turns & a dropped platform for stability it has got you covered for commuting, freeriding, sliding, carving. You name it!

  • Size: 40.25” × 9.75” / 102,4 cm × 25 cm
  • Truckbase: 33” / 84 cm
  • Shape: Wedged drop down, deep concave
  • Construction: 8-ply Canadian hardmaple
  • Flex: 3
  • Downhill: 3
  • Freeride: 4
  • Carving: 5
  • City: 3

Graphic design: Tone Emblemsvåg

16 Responses

  1. julia

    hej! jag vet inte vilken jag ska välja. det står mellan denna och pinstripe. jag vill kunna göra lite tricks och så men samtidigt bara åka runt och lite downhill, en allround bräda helt enkelt! ge mig tips, finns det några andra brädor som kanske passar bättre in på mina krav. mvh julia

    • Slipstream

      Hej Julia!
      A board for both downhill and tricks is kind of a contradiction in our opinion. For tricks, The Platypus and The Hammer are good choices. For Downhill we recommend The DFA and The Jackal. Good all-round choices would be The Wedgie, The Lowrider and The Twin.
      Good Luck!

  2. Henrik

    Funderar mellan denna och Lowrider. Kan ni nämna de största skillnaderna mellan de båda? vill ha en bräda för freeriding och carving men ven för att bara åka på mer platta områden.

    • Slipstream

      Hi Henrik!
      The major differences are: Concave, Material and Wedges.
      The Wedgie has a much more aggressive concave compared to The Lowrider.
      The Lowrider har two layers of glassfibre – A more flexy/lively feel compared to The Wedgie
      The Wedges on The Wedgie makes the board turn differently (“tighter”) than The Lowrider.
      All these factors are more or less a matter of personal preferences and both perform well freeriding/carving/commuting. Try before you buy if possible, but both should work good for you.
      Good Luck!

      • Henrik

        Lade nyss märke till the Twin också. Skulle ni också rekommendera denna för samma syfte som de ovanstående brädorna jag funderar över?

      • Slipstream

        Hello again Henrik!
        The Twin is shorter and stiffer compared to the other two boards. Great all-around board and probably our most popular model.
        Good Luck and as always, Try before you buy if possible ;-)

  3. Ørjan

    Er dette brettet bra for en som liker å kjøre til skola med et skateboard, men trenger litt støre brett!!!

  4. Anteeee

    Hi, is this a easy board to slide on?

    • Slipstream

      Hi Ante!
      A boards sliding capabilities really depend on the rider and especially the wheels (+trucks and bushings) being used. Perhaps our Wedgie presentation can help you decide if this is the board for you?

  5. Lukas

    Hi guys is this a good board for downhill, i just bought one and im thinking about going mostly downhill :)

    • Slipstream

      The Wedgie is a board designed for high speed carving. It’s stable in high speed and you can do the nice big turns.

      You can absolutely go down hill with it but if you are a die hard downhill racing fan (~70 km / h or higher) you maybe want something stiffer (e.g. DFA or Jackal).

  6. Maxime


    I want to buy this board. But I worry it will not hold my weight. I’m 90 kg.

    Is it still suitable for me?

    Many Thanks for your reply.

    • Slipstream Longboards

      Hi Maxime,
      This board will hold your weight, no worries!
      It will be pretty soft and flexy, but as long as you are OK with that you will have no problems for sure.
      Good Luck!

  7. jonas

    Hallo Slipstream !

    hvilket brett av lowrider, twin og wedgie ville dere anbefalt til å kjøre lange bakker i litt høy hastighet? jeg ønsker ett litt alsidig brett, men mest for downhill/freeride og litt sliding. har ett loaded dervish fra før.

    • Slipstream

      Hallo Jonas!
      Among those boards, we would probably go for The Lowrider, but The DFA or Jackal boards would probably be our first choices.
      Good Luck!

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