Buddy 2013

Buddy 2013

New updated shape with kicktail!

Short, wide, quick & stiff – The buddy takes you wherever you want whenever you want. It’s variable wheelbase options helps you dial in that ultimate feeling.

You will wonder where The Buddy has been all your life. So stop reading, you need this board!


  • Size: 84 cm × 24 cm / 33” × 9.4”
  • Weight: 1,8 kg
  • Truckbase: adjustable 49 cm – 52,4 cm / 19.3” – 20.6”
  • Shape: Top mount, Medium tub concave, kicktail
  • Construction: 8-ply Canadian hardmaple
  • Flex: 1
  • Downhill: 2
  • Freeride: 2
  • Carving: 3
  • City: 5
  • Designed for: Commute, Freeride, Pumping, Sliding, Ollies




Graphics: Martine Bongard

11 Responses

  1. Will


    Is the Buddy any good for freeride? Saw a pic on it on your facebook in a downhill competition, and was wondering. I always thought of it as a kind of cruiser or city commuter. What is the concave like compared to for example your DFA or a Tutone Megalodon?

    • Slipstream

      Will, you can use it for whatever you want :) But I would say it’s more cruising / city commuter / trick board / pool board than downhill. Buddy has a big concave, not quite as big as DFA but big. Freeride works!

  2. Kokko

    Kan man köra med 180 truckar på den här?

  3. Miles

    I am in the proverbial choice hell, haha. Dunno if i am gonna buy the older model without kicktail or the new one. I am gonna just cruise/ commute. I need stability because i have not skated in many years – well i bought a mini cruiser cheap but it has 14″ wheelbase. Kind of not for me so to speak. Do i need a kick tail or can i still turn with a flat board. If i have the back truck on the inner hole – some kind of flat kick. Great looking decks. Just need to skate it now.

  4. Miles

    Ps. i like the idea of a flat board with minimal concave, but i am not a good skater yet. Is it a big difference with the new concave? Thanks in advance, Miles

    • Slipstream

      Hi Miles, thank you for the message!
      The 2012 Buddy will be more stable thanks to its larger wheelbase.
      The 2013 Buddy might be more versatile due to its kicktail, but the 2012 Buddy still turns, no worries!
      The difference in the concaves is pretty noticeable. Big or small concave? That is purely up to what the skater prefers, really, but as always, try it before you buy it if possible.
      Hope this helps!

  5. Miles

    Thanks! I will buy the old model – i think its for me. Best looking deck in its size does not hurt either.
    Kind regards

  6. Viktor

    Hi! Will this board work with 180 trucks aswell as 150:s?

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