Platypus 2013

Platypus 2013

Live by the sword, die by the sword!

The Platypus is a responsive & really versatile board designed for the multi-dicipline rider. It´s low drop-through design makes the board light & easy to commute & push with. The functional tail and nose kicks makes tricks easier & the board carves tight.

If you are looking for a board for tricks, slides & just pure fun this is it!

Now The Platypus is available in two different flex options, the regular, stiffer version, and a thinner, lighter and flexier version for the riders that prefer a livelier flex.

New! Platypus is available in a top mount version as well!


  • Size: 97,2 cm × 23 cm / 38.3” × 9.1”
  • Weight: Soft: 1,6 kg / Hard: 1.9
  • Truckbase: 67,7 cm / 26.7”
  • Shape: Drop through / top mount, medium progressive concave, double kicks
  • Construction: Soft: 6-ply maple + 2-ply fibreglass (sandwich) / Hard: 7-ply maple + 2-ply fibreglass (sandwich)
  • Flex: 3
  • Downhill: 1
  • Freeride: 4
  • Carving: 3
  • City: 5
  • Designed for: Commute, Carving, Cruising, Freeride, Freestyle


Platypus topmount


Platypus topmount side



Grahpcis: Sergio Haisch

29 Responses

  1. is this board good for just ride in city, some downhill and just chill

    • Slipstream

      Hi Niklo!
      This is a great board for the riding you describe.
      For high-speed serious Downhill riding we would recommend a board that does not flex though.
      Good Luck!

  2. Jimmy

    Does the platypus hard version work with a 105kg Rider? Thx

    • Slipstream

      Hi Jimmy!
      The Hard version works great at 105 kgs. Flexes some, but not too much in our opinion.
      Good Luck!

  3. Erik


    My weight is 55kg shall I buy the hard version or soft? :)

    • Slipstream

      Hi Erik!
      If you want NO flex, go for the hard version. If you want SOME flex (a little) go for the soft version.
      Good luck!

  4. Johan

    Why is it so bad for downhill?

    • Slipstream

      Johan, for riding really fast “Downhill” this board is pretty narrow and also flexes, which is not ideal for going really fast.
      Hope this helps!

  5. melvin

    vilka truckar rekommenderar ni till platypus brädan?

    • Slipstream

      Hi Melvin,
      On this board we would recommend your favourite “180-ish” Reversed Kingpin Truck (Randal, Sabre, Gunmetal, Paris, etc.).
      Good luck!

  6. Joakim Jakobsen

    er dette brettet lett og slide med?

    • Slipstream

      Hi Joakim,
      This is a great sliding board, but naturally, a boards sliding capabilities is highly dependent on the trucks and wheels used.
      + The riders skills of course ;-)

      Best regards

  7. The Helgesen

    Are there good slidewheels on the soft version? When comes the platypus 2014?

  8. The Helgesen
    • Slipstream

      Hello Björn!
      The Platypus 2014 (new graphics, same board) will be available from March 2014.
      Your local dealer can provide you with good slidewheels and trucks of your choice, check out the “Dealers” section.
      Good Luck!

  9. The Helgesen

    My next board will be platypus 2014! I’ll stick to Slipstream <3 :-D

  10. Andrei


    The “3” flex rating is for the stiff or the soft version? Ps: any flex test video? (i’m interested in a stiff board, with just a bit of flex and i weigh around 63kg)

  11. Andrei

    PS: finally a longboard with good graphics!

    • Slipstream

      Hi Andrei, thank you for the kind words!
      The “3” flex rating is for the soft version. The Hard version is at 2.
      If you scroll up a few inches, you can see a video about the board which contains a short flex test of the soft version as well.
      If you want a stiff board, you should go for the hard version, but the soft version will probably work for you if you are OK with a bit of flex (not so much for you at 63 kgs).
      Good luck!

  12. Hi,

    can i ride this Board with Paris V2 trucks and what wheel size is the max on the Drop Through version?

    Kind regards


    • Slipstream

      Hi Ronny,
      You can use Paris V2:s for sure, we recommend the “180” width though.
      With this width truck we have used 76 mm wheels without any problems, but you could probably go a bit bigger.
      Hope this helps!

  13. Lukas

    Hey…is the board symmetrical ? or are the kick and the nose different ?

    • Slipstream

      Hi Lukas,
      The nose and tail actually have slightly different angles, but the difference is barely noticeable.
      Hope this helps!

  14. Waiiso

    i weigh about 75kg is the soft one good for just ridin? not a lotta tricks it’s more for just cruising or is the hard one better?(it needs to bounce a lil tho)

    • Slipstream

      Hi Waiiso!
      For just riding/cruising and a little bounce, this one will be better than the hard version for you.
      Good luck!

  15. madleine

    hi slipstream,

    will there be a reprint of the “platypus monster” from 2013? would be so happy :) it sems to be sold out everywhere :/

    cheers! mad.

  16. madleine

    ah, you linked it – sorry … ;)

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