Raccoon 2013

Raccoon 2013

The Raccoon was made with everything in mind.

With kicks and a generous platform this board is easily thrown around and walked across. Tub concave and rocker gives you a really locked in feeling for tucking and stand ups. The rocker also makes the board low and stable while providing a slight wedge to make it nimble and responsive.

All in all the racoon is a chameleon of sorts, a one board quiver providing you with the ability to do whatever you want whenever you want, the feeling longboarding is all about!

  • Size: 107,5 cm × 24,8 cm / 42.3” × 9.8”
  • Weight: 2,6 kg
  • Truckbase: adjustable: 71,2 cm – 73,8 cm / 28” – 29.1”
  • Shape: Top mount, rocker, tub concave, bidirectional, double kicks
  • Construction: 8-ply hardmaple + 2 ply glass fibre (sandwich)
  • Flex: 1
  • Downhill: 4
  • Freeride: 4
  • Carving: 4
  • City: 2
  • Designed for: Carving, Cruising, Freestyle, Dancer, Freeride


Raccoon custom side

Raccoon concave

Graphics: Martin Gaard

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  1. hi guys,

    my shop maganer peter, nils and i just go to a sk8park to have fun.
    i go with the racoon and my sk8board.
    i have more fun with the longboard flow in the park than with the sk8board.

    here 2 videos:

    longboard flow in a sk8park:

    SloMoPark with some slowmotion:

    have fun!!!

    fränky 8)

    p.s. my ispo 2013 slipstream video has so far 3,639 total loads!!!!

  2. This deck is awesome! I love it, just switched from the Loaded Tan Tien to the racoon. I fell in love!

  3. Peter

    Hey dude´s
    What´s the max driver´s weight which keeps the raccoon stiff? Is 105kg too much?

  4. Dimitra

    Where can i buy this? I have looked everywhere?!

  5. Hey guys. Just bought the 2014 edition. Is there any difference to the 2015 edition except of the graphics?
    And I’m using Gullwing Stalkers with 40°. It seems that only wheels with a diameter of 65mm or less work without wheel-bites. I’ve read that 72mm should work but which trucks and wheels would you recommend?

    Thanks in advance :)

    • Slipstream

      Hi Sebastian!
      The 2015 version has deeper wheelwells to accommodate for bigger wheels/tighter setup.
      Hope this helps!

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