Platypus 2014

Platypus 2014

If you are looking for a board for tricks, slides & just pure fun this is it!

The Platypus is a responsive & really versatile board designed for the multi-dicipline rider. It´s low drop-through design makes the board light & easy to commute & push with. The functional tail and nose kicks makes tricks easier & the board carves tight.

  • Size: 97,2 cm × 23 cm / 38.3” × 9.1”
  • Truckbase: 67,7 cm / 26.7”
  • Features: Medium concave, glass fibre (sandwich), kick in nose & tail. 6-ply maple + 2-ply fibreglass.
  • Flex: 4/5
  • Downhill: 1/5
  • Freeride: 4/5
  • Carving: 3/5
  • City: 5/5
  • Designed for: Freestyle, cruising, city, sides and tricks

4 Responses

  1. John

    can i order the boards online?
    And how much do the platypus cost in the shop?
    I would apreciate and answer thanks!

  2. Zoster

    Hey, guys! what’s the weight on the soft version (deck only). Also, is the 2014 version 100% symmetrical? Thanks!

    • Slipstream

      Hey Zoster!
      This deck, including griptape, weighs in at around 1.6 kgs.
      The deck is 100% symmetrical, but the kicks in nose and tail have slightly different angles.
      Hope this helps!

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