Fibrefresh 2015

Fibrefresh 2015

The Fibrefresh is a modern take on a classic cruiser.

Designed to handle most of everyone’s riding aspects, the construction with 2 layers of fiberglass and 5 layers of wood gives the board a dampened flex, perfect for cruising and carving, but still makes it firm enough to tackle hills. A rockered shape and a wheelbase from 61 to 68 cm makes the Fibrefresh a perfect steppingstone for beginners wanting some light downhill and freeride action. Its kicktail will give you the option of popping ollies over obstacles and curbs.

A cruiser 100% designed by our temriders!

Size: 91,6 cm × 24,8 cm / 36” × 9.8”
Truckbase: 60,7 cm – 68,2 cm / 24” – 27”
Features: Rocker, tub concave. Made of 5 ply wood + 2 ply fibre glass (sandwich).
Flex: 4/5
Downhill: 2,5/5
Freeride: 4/5
Carving: 5/5
City: 3/5
Designed for: Cruising, carving, freestyle

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  1. Frans

    hey i just woudred what size the wheel had?+

  2. Robin

    Bought this board and assembled my own but having a bit of problem with wheelbite at sharper turns even with riserpads on and only 66mm wheels. Whats the usual setting you use on this? Dont have too loose trucks?

    • Slipstream

      Hi Robin!
      The truck used normally has a high impact on wheelbites. We use 50 degree RKP trucks around 180 in width. Lower angles and narrower trucks bite easier in our experience. Hope this helps!

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