Platypus “Card” TM

Platypus “Card” TM

f you are looking for a board for tricks, slides & just pure fun this is it!

The Platypus is a responsive & really versatile board designed for the multi-dicipline rider. It´s low design makes the board light & easy to commute & push with. The functional tail and nose kicks makes tricks easier & the board carves tight.

  • Size: 97,2 cm × 23 cm / 38.3” × 9.1”
  • Truckbase: 63,2 cm – 67,1 cm / 25” – 26.5”
  • Features: Medium concave, glass fibre (sandwich), kick in nose & tail. 6-ply maple + 2-ply fibreglass.
  • Flex: 4/5
  • Downhill: 1/5
  • Freeride: 4/5
  • Carving: 3/5
  • City: 5/5
  • Designed for: Freestyle, cruising, city, sides and tricks

8 Responses

  1. Henric S

    Which bushings are used in this one? A cone and a barrel, that much I see, but which brand and how hard are they? 81a/90a venom?

  2. Just recieved the board and its awesome!!!! Greetings from Cologne /Germany

  3. Elias

    Jag har en platypus från 2014 den hårda versionen. Går det att ha hjul med kontakt yta 41 mm till boarden? Eller måste man ha större än det?

    • Slipstream

      Hi Elias!
      The width of the wheels you can use on this board depends on the width of the trucks you use.
      That being said, using regular sized trucks (“180”-ish) 41 mm will not be a problem.
      Hope this helps!

  4. ZaiDee


    I bought a slipstream board similar to this one a few years ago and now I wanna change the trucks but not sure whether to change to a 50 degree-trucks or 40 degree-trucks. First time buying trucks btw…

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