Henning P. Patricksson

Henning, toeside, GBG

Name: Henning Philip Patricksson

Nicknames: Harry Potter Patricksson

Born: 1993, Oslo

Hometown: Oslo, Gnarway/Norway

Onboard since: Never, ever skated before I once tried a longboard in 2009. Love at first sight, and been in love ever since.

Slipstream Dreamteam since: Dreamteam since.. hmm.. always. Slipstream Dreamteam though; 2012

Weapon of choice:

Weapon of choice: A great two handed sword!
… No, seriously; Bow and Arrow. Or nunchucks maybe!
Besides those, I enjoy the Barely Legal ! Testing new boards is always funny too:)

Favourite trick: Usually my favourite trick is the one that I most recently learned. It can last everything from a run to a month or two.

Favourite hill: Stalheimskleiva, end of descussion. Sickest hairpinroad ever! 18% steep, one way downhill, crazy ass nature and norwegian. Kozakov in Czech was also pretty badass.

Favourite competitions: Ekstremsportveko (NOR), Verdicchio (ITA), Grefsen (NOR).

Favourite riders: Adam Persson, Cedric Cornell and my immigrant friend all the way from Iceland, Guðmundur Daniel Hannibal Sökjer-Petersen.

Other sponsors: Timeship Racing, Paris Trucks Co., Divine Wheel co. and BoardRanch.no.

Anything else?: Proud member of the gnarliest skate crew; ØFFL. Quite handsome. Allergic to cats. Want to grow a mustache. Part swedish, which fits perfect considering Slipstreams norwegian and swedish roots.