Jesper Johansson


My name is Jesper but I also go by the name J0pplan or Partyboy, I’m 19 years old and i started longboarding during 2011. I had a street deck as a kid but I didn’t do much with it, perhaps an ollie or two.

I picked up longboarding during my high school years when I was 16. I was starting a new school and I didn’t know anyone in my class and most of the kids in school were strangers to me. One guy in my class bought a longboard during the autumn in 2010 and he got me interested, then in the spring of 2011 I bought my first board. I skated some with my classmate and his friends, they lost interest though and I met up with Erik who I knew a little bit and who loved to skate.

We knew each other from a few years back and we met up to skate one spring day. Little did I know that it was going to be the first of countless amount of sessions together. Ever since that day we have been skating together and it has only been a few sessions where we haven’t skated together. There has been a lot progression since that first session, from learning that first 180 slide to doing 25 meter long standups.

During the summer of 2012 Erik contacted Slipstream and after a while we got to try out the Hammer and the Jackal. We made an edit of both boards and later that autumn we were offered a sponsorship.

I don’t race like most other people do, I love to freeride and even some freestyle. It’s a bit boring that most people have their mind set on the downhill, I believe freeride has gotten more attention recently though so that’s great! But who knows, maybe 2014 is the year when I go downhill for the first time.

Name: Jesper Johansson
Nicknames: J0pplan, Partyboy
Born: 1994 in Gothenburg
Onboard since: The spring of 2011
Favourite board(s): Raccoon and Brick
Favourite trick: 360 slide shuvit and no comply 360