Robin Bergman

Robin in Spain

I got my first longboard in 2010 with the main purpose to I use it for transportation to work, since my car was broken. I did not use the board especially much. However in 2011 I moved to Gothenburg, and at boring nights I began to go out for some cruising with my longboard. One night I met Jon Dahlstrand at a graveyard quite close from where I lived. At that time I was not aware about what you could do with a longboard, but Jon showed me some slides and after that night I was hooked. I started to watch some movies at youtube, and a short time after that I bought a downhill board and increased my speed.

Longboarding have brought me so much fun experiences. I have met new people and seen places which I would not have done if it was not for the longboarding.

Name: Robin Bergman
Favorite trick: Swiss footbrake in 100km/h
Born, winter 1987
Longboard: Jackal Topmount
Style: Downhill and a some freeride