Tord Tvedten

Name: Tord Tvedten

Born: 18.11.1993, this place

Hometown: Tønsberg, Norway

Onboard since: Snowboarding since 2003, longboarding since 2008

Slipstream Dreamteam since: It all started in 2010

Weapon of Choice: The Jackal or DFA for freeriding and racing, and the Buddy for those lazy days.

Favourite trick: I don’t know if it has a name yet, but I promise it’s really crazy.

Favourite spot: Anywhere I can go sideways really fast!

Favourite competitions: Kongen På Haugen (NOR) and TMI Beitostølen (NOR).

Other sponsors: Paris Truck Co. And Divine Urethane

Anything else? We’ll have to get to that later, I’m heading out to skate!

Photo credis:, Inge Wegge, Herman Ottesen & Local Hero