Twin 2012

Twin 2012

This flexy carving design made of maple + fibre- glass provides optimal energy return. It’s high concave gives you a good edge to egde grip for huge slides & speedy hill bombs.

The dropthrough mounting lowers the centre of gravity & makes the board more comfortable & stable.

All in a all. The Twin is our most vesatile board in a responsive & lively package!

  • Size: 39” × 10” / 99 cm × 25,2 cm
  • Truckbase: 30.5” / 77,5 cm
  • Shape: Medium Concave, medium camber, dropthrough
  • Construction: 7-ply Canadian hardmaple + 2-ply fibreglass
  • Flex: 3
  • Downhill: 4
  • Freeride: 4
  • Carving: 5
  • City: 3

Graphic design: Ole Fredrik Ekern

86 Responses

  1. Anton stadler

    Where can i buy this board ?
    i`am living in germany but i can`t find it on any onlineshop
    greets anton

  2. Dennis

    Jag kan inte vänta tills jag får hem min och få ta jungråket!

  3. Jostein

    just ordered this board.. and im very exited. but one thing i dont like so far, is the “Theme” the pandas, and such. havent found any with a different theme, and i think that is 2 bad, and im a bit affraid im gonna get teased because of i at school.. but i ordered it for the “specs” i think they looked good, and decided to give it a try :P

    • Slipstream

      What! Not liking the Pandas? They are super cool! You will be the hottest guy in School with that board, for sure!
      But seriously, some like the graphics and some do not and they usually end up giving their board a new paint-job or just covering it up with stickers.
      Feel free to customize your ride as well.
      Good luck!

    • A.

      Whaaaat? I ve just got this board and I think those pandas are SUPER COOL!!!!!

      But yes, I agree, some might like it and some might not, not a reason to be ashamed of it, anyway. It’s a cool board (with cool pandas)! :)

  4. Stefan

    Har precis beställt en.. hoppas den e grym! Can’t whait!!!

  5. Me

    Vil dette brettet passe til en ung jente, 1,70 høy, 60 kg, helt nybegynner? Ønsker et brett som føles trygt men alikevel er morsomt å kjøre. Ikke aktuelt å kjøre store bakker med høy fart, mer transport/cruising/lek

    • Slipstream

      Good choice! The Twin is our most popular board due to that is fun and easy to ride, yet stable and handles almost anything. Check out The Lowrider and Wedgie as well!

      • Me

        What would be the pros for her on a Wedgie rather than a Twin? And what would she loose?

      • Slipstream

        The Wedgie has a softer feel compared to the more lively flex of The Twin. The turning radius on The Wedgie is larger as well. All theese things are really a matter of preference, so try it before you buy it if possible!

  6. Chris

    well, you guys build some great boards! I will get mine at concretewave shop at cologne germany next week. very excited how good it will go under my feet. by the way the graphic is f**** awesome, love pandas

  7. Lucas

    It´s look very nice and i have ordered one now:) so excited :)

  8. Magnus

    Just bought this today.. i <3 it… never stood on a long board before, tried a few different ones in the shop and this one is just amazing. Old skateboarder, snowboarder, pretend surfer… long boarding is going to be awesome this summer!! Big up this board, nice one slipstream!

  9. Robel Mebrahtom

    Is it a small longboard

    • Slipstream

      Hi Robel!
      I guess that depends on what you compare it to, but no, we would not say that this is a “small” board…

  10. Rick

    Can this longboard take some weight i currently weight about 67 kg and im 13

  11. Jonas


    How about a 93kg dude? Am I to heavy?

    • Slipstream

      Hi Jonas, thank you for the message!
      This board holds 93 kg without any problems. It will flex some for sure, but not too much in our opinion. Try it before you buy it if possible!

  12. Simon

    Är det 150 truckar eller 180 truckar på den här brädan?

  13. oskar (okkestyle)

    HEY slipstream ! i am so excited about this board. but im a little afraid of the theme. i love the board in type so i gonna buy it as soon as possible.
    ps. can you gays on slipstream send me some stickers… contact me to my email. so we can talk about it ;) I LOVE SLIPSTREAM

  14. danne

    hi! i am a beginner on longboarding, i’ve checked around on your slipstream lowrider. but then i saw this and i cant decide wich one is the better for me…
    i will use it mostly just to go downhill and skate some in citys. witch one do you think is the better one for me ?
    i am 14 years old, my weight is around 65 kg, i am 1.65 cm long. thanks in advance!:)

    • Slipstream

      Hi Danne!
      Tough choice, but in our opinion you should probably go for The Twin since it is a bit shorter an thus more easy to handle for you.
      But as always; Try it before you before you buy it (if possible).
      Good Luck!

  15. oskar

    jag har sån jäkla besluts ångest. älskar formen och så på twin men den ser så fjollig ut med rosa blommor på. kan ni typ visa färgen på blommorna för man ser inte i fotot precis…. asså kan jag få en bild ute på asfalten snällllllla svara innan måndag för måsste köpa den innan måndag

  16. danne

    hello again :)
    i just wanted to say that i got the lowrider and it is perfect for me!

    slipstream <3

  17. Hey Is anyone importing your boards into Canada yet?

    • Slipstream

      Hey Pinz,
      Unfortunately we do not have any representation on the Canadian market yet, but please let us know if you have any suggestions!

  18. Tiril!

    I love this!!!!! best longboard ever

  19. Dani

    Some shops to buy it in Spain?

    • Slipstream

      Hello Dani!
      Unfortunately we do not have any representation in Spain yet, but please let us know if you have any suggestions.
      In the mean time, it is possible to order boards to Spain from our German and Swedish e-retailers.
      Please let us know if you need any help in finding one for you!

  20. Jojje

    Hej! Kan man fortfarande köpa den här longboarden till 2013 eller var det 2012 modellen eller va? Och finns det några retailers online i Sverige? Och är det en komplett bräda? Isåfall vilka truckar, kullager, och hjul är det på den?

    • Slipstream

      Hej Jojje!
      This is the 2012 Twin and it is still available with selected dealers.
      You can find our Swedish retailer list here: and, as you can see, some of them are online retailers.
      The board is normally available both as a complete setup and deck only and the trucks/bearings/wheels used at complete packages vary from dealer to dealer. Many dealers also let you chose exactly the parts you want.
      Please let us know if you are having problems finding what you need!

  21. Simen R

    dette er et genialt brett!!

    jeg har stått på den nå i et år! og digger brette så det holder! det er super smud, kan gjøre alt med dette brette!
    det ligner litt på Loaded sitt dervish, men Twin er myyye bedre synes jeg som da har begge to.

  22. George

    Vet inte vart jag kan köpa den online :/ Kommer bli min första longboard. Är det ett bra val?

  23. Robb

    Tja, har en snabb fråga.
    Har kollat på The Twin samt Platypus och har svårt för att bestämma mig vilken jag ska ta.
    Aldrig åkt bräda förr så vet inte vilken som är bra att börja med

    • Slipstream Longboards

      Tja Robb!
      Both boards are low and stable and thus easy to learn to ride with.
      Between those two boards, The Platypus is more aimed towards tricks, and The Twin more towards carving/cruising, but both are great all-round.
      Good Luck!

  24. Anders Brinch

    Hey Slipstream!

    I wonder if you have any danish vendors?
    I can’t seem to find any suppliers in DK, and I really want a Twin..
    I could buy it in Sweden, but if I need things like warranty and customer support, I would prefer Denmark..
    It’s a long ride from midt Jutland to Sweden :)


  25. Gustav

    Undrar bara om det finns en maxvikt för den här brädan?
    Är 2 meter och 110 kg…

    • Slipstream Longboards

      Tja Gustav!
      We have no maximum weights on our boards and your 110 kgs should be fine as long as you realize that this board will be pretty flexy for you. Try it before you buy it if possible!

  26. Joakim jakobsen

    Hvor kan jeg kjøpe dette? finner absolutt ingen nettsider.

  27. Joakim jakobsen

    Thank you so much!

  28. George Awaijan

    Hej! Jag har haft problem med att hitta en hemsida där jag kan beställa en sådan här bräda, kan jag få hjälp?

  29. Henrik

    Are there any significant improvements between the model for 2012 and the model for 2013 or is it just a change in graphics? Also, when will the 2013 model be available for purchase?

    • Slipstream

      Hi Henrik,
      Slight changes in nose/tail + cutouts shapes to accommodate for bigger wheels + slightly narrower.
      Biax glassfibre now on top + bottom plies so the flex is a bit stiffer as well.
      The 2013 boards are actually out in shops now, the webpage will be updated next week with all the new boards.

      • Henrik

        So if I’m looking for a responsive board with a nice amount of flex, a bit like a Loaded Dervish, Should i go for the 2012 model or the 2013? also i weigh 75 kg. I’ll be using it mainly to slide and carve

      • Slipstream

        The 2012 flexes more, the 2013 less. Both will work well for you, but if you like more flex you should go for the 2012 version.
        Good Luck!

  30. Joakim Jakobsen

    På den videoen nesten øverst, har brettet ett par oransje hjul… vet du hvor jeg kan få kjøpt noen sånne oransje hjul? for jeg har de svarte som man får med og de klarer jeg ikke slide med.

    • Slipstream

      Hi Joakim!
      The wheels in the video are Divine “Touch” 70 mm 78a, now they are called “Road Rippers”, but are the same wheels just with a different name and graphics. Check for them with your local dealer, but there are a lot of good wheels out there from many different manufacturers and your dealer should be able to help you out finding a good set that fills your needs.
      Good Luck!

  31. Joakim Jakobsen

    dont you got any ideas for some good sliding wheels for the board?

    • Slipstream

      As all-round freeride wheels we recommend ABEC 11 Flashbacks, Cult Cerebrum/Centrifuges, Divine Streetslayers or similar wheels.
      Great for sliding as well as riding!

  32. Joakim Jakobsen

    Thx, u know where to buy the one of those wheels? hah, i didnt actually like the wheels that came with the board.

  33. sean

    Board received as xmas gift… Set up with some Bear 852 trucks and ladera boogers… sweet riding board… waiting for weather to clear up a bit then off we go. A big thanks from me here in Spain!

  34. Edwin

    Är denna fortfarande tillgänglig att köpa?

    • Slipstream

      Sorry Edwin, this board sold out more than one year ago.
      We might do a re-issue though!

      Best regards

  35. Bobb

    How does this board differ from twin 2014.

    • Slipstream

      Hi Bobb!
      Smaller changes in shape, but the big thing is the glassfibre sanwich construction on the 2014 deck.
      This construction makes it a little bit lighter and the flex is livelier but more torsionally stiff.
      Hope this helps!

  36. Erik

    Where can I order it?

    • Slipstream

      Hi Erik!
      This deck is sold out everywhere, but the new 2015 version will be out in shops late March 2015.

      Good luck!

  37. Hector

    Hey am i still able to buy this board? I love it!

  38. Payton

    Is this board back in stock? I’m looking to buy one!

  39. miles

    Just got the old 2012 board with Paris trucks and Divine Road Rippers -.70mm /78a. Sweet cruising. Great deck. Perfect flex even for a heavier guy (98 kg)
    Way to go, Slipstream!

  40. Chris

    Is this board on sale still? I’d like to buy this board asap if possible.

  41. Pawel

    Where can i buy this longboard? I’m living in Poland :)

  42. Hans-Erik Sjöholm

    I have one in good shape for sale. I live in Sweden. Contact me for price because I haven’t decided that yet.

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