Carl Larsson

Carl Sardinia 2013 4

I started longboarding in April 2010 and I’ve been snowboarding since I was six. It was two friends of mine that introduced me to longboarding. It began with me borrowing one of their old boards that didn’t roll very well, but I was sold by longboarding immediately and bought my first longboard the 1st of May 2010, it was Slipstream The Twin. I began to ride mostly flat, cruising around and learning flat tricks but soon I began to go sideways, sliding. I started doing more and more freeriding and now that’s almost the only thing I do.

The board I choose depends on what I want to do. For freeride I use The Jackal, it enables you to go fast or do technical slides. When I ride flat the Hammer fits perfectly, the twin shape and the kicks makes it good for all sorts of tricks.

Nickname: Charles / Larre
Born: 1993, Gothenburg Sweden
Hometown: Gothenburg
Slipstream Dreamteam since: The summer of 2012
Favorite trick: No comply slide shuvit or g-turn to big spin
Favorite hills: The hills we rode when the Slipstream team were in Sardinia, they were amazing.
Favorite competitions: The Slipstream slide jam and the warehouse raid in Vara.
Favorite riders: Adam Stokowski and Adam Colton.

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