Elias D. Kvarekvål

Name: Elias Dalholt Kvarekvål

Born: 10.06.1994, Oslo

Hometown: Voss, Norway

Onboard since: Started streetskating in 2008, but never really got the hang of it. Switched to longboarding in the Fall of 2009. No regrets there.

Slipstream Dreamteam since: It all started, 2010.

Weapon of choice: Barely Legal med Divine Street Slayers and Paris 180mm 43° plates / Fibrefresh 43° plates and Street Slayers

Favourite trick: Not one in particular, but nothing can beat long runs with a combination of different standups.

Favourite hill: “Donald” and “Klodrik”, also known as Riksveg 313, Anaconda and “Vegen til Eksingedalen”

Favourite competitions: Ekstremsportveko (NOR) and kongen på haugen (NOR).

Favourite skaters: Team Slipstream and the rest of the skaters pushing the community in the right direction.

Other sponsors: Paris Truck co., Divine Urethane, Atomic Skis and “Kask of sweden”

Anyting else? Legendary skier. Skating with raddes crew on earth, Voss Fjølførarlag. Living 30 min away from: Skjervet, Stalheimskleiva, Vikafjellet and Riksveg 313 aka “Donald”, suck it!

Photo credits (thanks a lot!)
Top image: Odin Drønen
Gallery images #1 & #4: Halstein D. Mala
Gallery image #2: Ådne Dyrnesli