Erik Ris

Erik heelside slide in Vasastan Gothenburg

My name is Erik Ris and I ride for Slipstream Longboards, I’m 19 and I live in Gothenburg. I’ve been on the team for about a year now and it’s awesome! I’ve made a huge progress the last year, many thanks to Slipstream and rest of the team that I’ve skated with!

I tend to mostly freeride and almost always skate with my homeboy, also on the team, Jesper Johansson. We help each other out to progress and learn new tricks and slides, and that is an amazing benefit of skating together. I have Jesper to thank for many perfect days on the board, going sideways down steep hills!

Erik sundowners ollie Vasastan Gothenburg
I picked up longboarding more or less by accident, i bought a Slipstream Platypus in the spring of 2011 just to cruise and skate around my neighbourhood. One day i spoke to Jesper about it, because I knew that he also had a longboard. At this time were we not as close friends as we are now but I still knew him from before. One day we met up at a hill that came to be the spot where we really got into longboarding and sliding and made our first real progression. To meet Jesper that spring day looks in the rear view mirror like a really wise decision!

Even though I mainly been freeriding and sliding am I interested in learning to race downhill and riding faster. Me and Jesper have actually been talking about trying to get better at it the coming season! My favourite trick at the moment is a toeside check with a slideshuvit out, but I also really like the 360 slide that I nailed this summer, and now putting into different variations.

Erik working on the DFA sample for 2014

When it comes to boards it’s not just all about longboarding for me, even though that’s what I do mostly. I really enjoy hitting some of the local miniramps or go wakeboarding and in the winter I put on my snowboard boots. So it’s like I’m really carried away by sports that include any sort of board!. And I’ve been on top of a board for quite a long time as I started street skating when I was around eleven or twelve and at the same time switched my pair of skis into a snowboard.

The boards that I’ve ridden this season is the Raccoon and the D.F.A. both of them turned out to be really great and I’m super stoked about the 2014 version of the D.F.A. and the new board in the quiver “The Brick”.

Nicknames: My last name Ris and sometimes risen
Born: March 9, 1994
On board since: Forever (on longboard since 2011)
Favourite board: D.F.A
Favourite hills: Chimney, the ones in Mölndal and my “practice hill” next to my house