John Ingolf

John makes Raccoon samples!

The seed for Johns love of skateboarding was planted somewhere in the late nineties in the soil of THPS4, hard wheels and curbs. Those dreams were eventually paved over by the sheer brutal beating of too many slams, to this day he still can’t gap a stair or grind a rail.

But like a dandelion he broke through the sticky asphalt and came out the other side after finding soft wheel, wider trucks and longer boards. He spent most of 2009 rolling down mellow hills with friends but soon found downhill videos on youtube and got stoked on that scene. Almost every friend made since then is through the big and loving Swedish and Norwegian downhill family and every good memory is formed inside a helmet.

John portrait

Name: John Harald Ingolf
Nicknames: Trolldeg, Kufunninapuh
Born: 1991, in Växjö
Hometown: Göteborg
Onboard since: 2002, soft wheels since 2009
Slipstream Dreamteam since: 2012
Weapon of choice: The Raccoon
Favourite trick: Shuvs
Favourite hills: Torpleden, Devils Chimney and any hill I haven’t skated yet
Favourite competitions: Ravenhill, Näckrosdammen Open, Taberg Donwhill Challange
Favourite riders: Henning
Other sponsors: Mom