Marcus Tjernström

Name: Marcus Tjernström
Nicknames: Blixten, Teki, Määk(ish)
Born: 1989, Gävle, Sweden
Hometown: Gävle

Onboard since:
Even though I spent most of my days in the small town of Gävle I lived in Switzerland for 3 years from 2001 to 2003. It was there that I picked up street skating. Skated pretty hard during my entire stay but lost interest when I got back home and no one else was skating. Years later I found a friend called Pelle Dahlberg who was really into longboarding. This was 2006 and at the time no one had ever heard of it and there were hardly any riders. This guy had like 5 boards and would lend me one from time to time and we would go charging though the city, weaving pedestrians, cutting in front of cars and just reek havoc. I really had good use of my skills I earned on my normal skateboard. I thought longboarding was a fun thing but I didn’t really pick it up until 2010 when everyone started getting longboards and it became a fab. I bought a really soft cruise board and rode it everywhere. Later that same year I moved from Gävle to Ljungskile close to Gothenburg to study a few courses during a year. Coming from Gävle where we have no hills at all, Ljungskile was awesome in the sense that there were steep roads everywhere.

At the time I didn’t know how to slide or even foot break very well, so it was a real challenge getting down some of the more gnarly hills. There was a ton of local skaters that already had mastered the skill of sliding and could get down the hills in one piece. They thought me a lot about the basics and the value of wearing a helmet witch I today can’t imagine skating without. I got a pair of slide gloves and it was on.

At the school that I was attending there was another guy just like me who had just picked up longboarding. We would go out everyday after class to this awesome hill and just shred and hurt ourselves really bad.

This just went on the whole spring of 2011 and we really got better. I got a stiff board with slide wheels and I started entering competitions during the summer and competed in the Swedish championships in downhill at the end of the season and finished 7th. 2011 was the year I started riding downhill and freeride and I don’t think I will ever stop.

Slipstream Dreamteam since:
Slipstream hit me up with an offer in the autumn of 2011, and I have never been so stoked in my life. Slipstream as a company had always been present under the time I had longboarded, since most of my friends rode their boards. Knowing them as a brand from before and having rid their boards myself I knew I would be super happy riding on the team!

Weapon of choice:
Been rocking the DFA ever since I joined the team. It’s awesome for going fast and sliding hard, buttering out some badass standup slides. This year though, I’m going to give the new board The Jackal a run for its money and see if it’s as sick as everyone says!

Favorite trick:
Fronstide 360 standupslide (witch I stomp 50% of the time!)

Favorite hill:
Kungsberget, Gävle. A ski resort 40min away from Gävle only skateable during the late summer/autumn due to melt water running down the road.

Favorite competitions:
Snakemountain Massacre (SM). Sthlm Downhill race.

Favorite riders:
Pilloni, Byron Essert. I’m also very fond of the Norwegian slipstream team that really has a great set of riders, all really great guys!

Other sponsors:

Anything else?:
Stokeholm member. A real petrolhead. I can be kind of annoying because I become so happy and stoked when I skate, you’d think that a good thing.

Slipstream Road Van